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Poloniex Requires 2,000 Confirmations for Bytecoin Transactions

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn If you want to trade Bytecoin on Poloniex, you’re going to have to wait a significant amount of time, CCN has learned. This reporter decided to enter the BCH pre-fork trading at the exchange and wanted to use his Bytecoin holdings as part of that process. He withdrew them from where they were held and properly made the deposit, using the payment ID required by Poloniex and paying the requisite transaction fees. Hours after other deposits had cleared and coins had been converted to pre-fork BCHABC and…

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Investors Can Only Trade Venezuelan Petro to Crypto if Bought in 2018

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn According to TeleSUR TV, a mainstream media outlet in Venezuela, the country’s “cryptocurrency” called the Petro can only be traded to other crypto assets if bought before the end of 2018. Former Wall Street bond trader and digital asset analyst Jill Carlson translated the speech of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, which read: “Anyone who buys the Petro until Dec 31 will be able to convert it into any other digital currency.” Petro Isn’t a Cryptocurrency Throughout the past year, Venezuela has experienced extreme hyperinflation that led the…

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Why Did BAT Lose 28% of its Value Overnight After Coinbase Listing?

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Since November 8, within a 48-hour period, Basic Attention Token (BAT) lost 28 percent of its value following a high profile Coinbase listing. On Friday, as CCN reported, BAT declined by around 20 percent against the US dollar. In the last 24 hours, BAT dropped by yet another eight percent, recording a 28 percent decline in value in a two-day span. The substantial drop in the price of BAT follows the official integration of the digital asset by Coinbase, the largest fiat-to-crypto exchange in the global market….

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NEO Founder: Blockchains are Over-Regulated

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Da Hongfei, the founder of Antshares (presently and best known as NEO), believes that blockchains and cryptocurrencies are over-regulated in the extreme. In fact, he was recently quoted in a discussion with 8BTC as saying: In essence, blockchain can barely survive within the existing financial regulation system. A licensed institute may find it unnecessary to cooperate with a blockchain company because it is already licensed to conduct the business. Why would it bother to be engaged in a partnership that doesn’t benefit it that much? If blockchain…

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Maduro Bankrupted Venezuela — Now He’s Launching a Petro Savings Plan

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn The Venezuelan government has recently launched a Petro savings plan that allows the country’s citizens to put their money into the oil-backed cryptocurrency and “save by means of a certificate.” Venezuela Launches Petro Savings Plan for 18 Million Citizens According to local news outlet Telesur, the savings plan is part of the “Comprehensive National Cryptoasset Plan,” and will in its initial phase “make available” 4 million petros, equivalent to 14,400 million sovereign bolivars, the country’s fiat currency. The amount equals $240 million. The savings plan is set…

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Dash Launches Text-Based Crypto Payment Service in Venezuela

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Crypto project Dash has announced the launch of Dash Text, an SMS-based cryptocurrency transaction service for Venezuelan users, as it builds on its already strong presence in the crypto dependent country. In an announcement released this week, the company said that Dash Text eliminates the need for Venezuelan users to possess smartphones and internet access to carry out crypto transactions, which has historically been a significant barrier to adoption in the impoverished country suffering from hyperinflation. Driven by several months of hyperinflation which have rendered the bolivar…

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Crypto Exchange OKEx Delists Over 30 Trading Pairs for Weak Volume

OKEx, the second largest crypto exchange by volume, has announced the delisting of more than 30 trading pairs including Ripio/ETH and Monetha/BTC. The exchange cited weak trading volume as the justification for the ejections. The delistings will not take effect until the 31st. Listing and delisting is a common practice among cryptocurrency exchanges, and, depending on the size of the exchange, can be the death-blow to a coin’s price. Some have voting mechanisms in place where clients can even essentially pay to have a token listed, generally in hopes of…

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Privacy Coin Zcash Completes “Sapling” Network Upgrade

Privacy-focused Zcash, currently worth just over $110 per coin, has completed a network upgrade dubbed “Sapling” that it says will vastly improve transaction speed as well as reduce the actual size of transactions themselves. Zcash hopes that this will make mobile and other types of transactions more common and feasible on the network, saying it “introduces significant efficiency improvements for shielded transactions that will pave the way for broad mobile, exchange and vendor adoption of Zcash shielded addresses.” Zcash has two types of addresses. A standard “t”-type (transparent) address works…

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Swiss Bank Helps Clients Participate in ICOs

Here’s something we don’t hear every day: a Swiss bank has opted to enable its clients to participate in initial coin offerings easily. The bank, Swissquote, has previously allowed customers to trade in cryptos. This is, to say the least, an unusual service for a fiat banking institution. Additionally, Swissquote offers traditional FOREX trading and the range of services that traditional banks offer. LakeDiamond ICO The first ICO to be offered as an investment option on the banking platform is LakeDiamond, a lab-grown diamond company which is raising funds to…

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Ripple Co-Founder Invests in DigiCash Creator’s New Crypto Project

When historians set out to chronicle the development of cryptocurrency, one of the first chapters will profile DigiCash, the early digital currency startup which, decades before Bitcoin, almost fulfilled the dream of giving the internet a native currency. However, that project’s inventor, cryptography pioneer David Chaum, wants his name to appear in the book’s subsequent chapters as well. Chaum, now 63, is launching a new cryptocurrency project called Elixxir, which he claims has achieved the holy grail of network decentralization, blockchain security, and transaction speed. In a Wall Street Journal…

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