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Pantera Capital CIO Joey Krug

Pantera Capital Co-CIO and Augur Core Dev Joey Krug // LinkedIn Pantera Capital’s CIO Joey Krug has written an extensive thesis stating Bitcoin won’t succeed as money. He stated that cash and payments are not the primary areas where blockchain technology catalyzes a paradigm shift. While Bitcoin may become digital gold, it cannot succeed as money given its volatility. Moreover, a dynamic monetary policy doesn’t exist within bitcoin which severely affects its volatility. He further stated that the Beam Network has a good chance of tackling the issue of money. Headed…

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There’s Less than $100k at Stake on Ethereum Gambling DApp Augur

Tetras Capital Founding Partner Alex Sunnarborg has revealed that decentralised gambling platform Augur is suffering from the same lack of volume that continues to plague the decentralized application (dApp) ecosystem at large. Reacting to the platform’s weekly report released on January 9, Sunnarborg stated that the total volume of active markets on Augur is, in fact, less than $100,000. In the report, Augur placed the total value of bets placed on the platform at $2,040,934.63 (13,451 ETH). This value was achieved across a total of 1,724 markets. Writing on Twitter,…

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Ethereum dApp Augur Records $2 Million in Bets in US Midterms

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Augur, a decentralized prediction platform on the Ethereum blockchain, has recorded over $2 million in bets on election night. During the United States midterm election, as Augur co-founder Jeremy Gardner stated, bets placed on the outcome of US midterms initially reached $900,000 and eventually surpassed the $2 million mark. That is, more than 60 percent of the bets Betfair, the biggest betting platform in the world, recorded throughout midterms. “There’s $700,000 staked on Augur for today’s mid-term election. PredictIt, the leading prediction market, has $550,000. Betfair, the…

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White Hat Hacker Finds Major Vulnerability in Ethereum DApp Augur

A white hat hacker has discovered a major vulnerability in decentralized prediction market Augur, perhaps the most highly-touted decentralized application (dApp) built on the Ethereum network. The bug, disclosed through bug bounty platform HackerOne by security researcher Viacheslav Sniezhkov, would have allowed an attacker to inject fraudulent data into Augur’s user interface, potentially leading to a significant loss of funds on the part of affected users. This exploit was made possible because while Augur’s core functionality — an uncensorable prediction market that allows users to bet on the outcome of…

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Augur Burns Key to Network ‘Killswitch’

In an official tweet, Augur team has announced that they destroyed their access to the fail-safe kill switch. Happy two weeks! 🎉 Ownership of the escape hatch has been transferred to the 0x000..0001 address. — Augur (@AugurProject) July 24, 2018 Augur had implemented a kill switch mechanism in their smart contract which allowed their developers to fix issues in the event of any unanticipated problems. This was employed to prevent any critical or fatal bug(s) from attacking the network. However, as evident from this transaction, the ownership of the kill…

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Augur Platform Prepares for Main Network Deployment

Augur, a peer-to-peer prediction market platform, is all set to launch its main network on July 9th at 11:01 PST. Augur raised $5.5 million in 2015 by offering its token REP in a crowdsale. Augur was one of the earliest ICO’s on the Ethereum blockchain and has been under development since. Decentralized Prediction Markets The platform allows users to trustlessly create prediction markets on the outcome of virtually any future event. Users can create markets for an event with a designated reporter and subsequently, traders can purchase shares on the…

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