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Bitcoin Rises 4.65%, Comes Closer to a Breakout Action Scenario

The bitcoin price on Wednesday jumped as high as 4.65 percent from its opening price and established an intraday high at $3,488. The BTC/USD rate is now trading at 3440-fiat on the Coinbase exchange, coupled with a notable rise in daily volatility. The pair on December 7 established its yearly low at 3210-fiat, after which it consolidated within a circa $300 range. It established a top near 3650-fiat only to find itself pulled back strong bearish presence near the level. Historically, BTC/USD now is looking to retest the same top,…

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How Did Twitter CEO’s Square Overtake Coinbase as #1 Bitcoin Buying App?

Square, a payment platform for merchants and individual users operated by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has surpassed Coinbase to become the most widely used iOS app to buy Bitcoin (BTC). The platform, called Cash App on Apple’s iOS store, also overtook YouTube to become the number one top free mobile application on the iOS store, demonstrating a rising demand for digitalized payment systems in the U.S. market. The easiest way for every single person in America to buy bitcoin is #1 on iOS today đź’Ş @CashApp — Miles Suter…

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Why Billionaire Investors Remain Positive on Long-Term Trend of Crypto

Mike Novogratz, Jim Breyer, and Tim Draper are some of many billionaire investors in the traditional financial market who remain optimistic towards the long-term trend of crypto. How are these investors able to maintain their positive stance in regards to the growth of the cryptocurrency sector following an 85 percent decline in valuation across the board? It’s About Cycles For the most part, high profile individual investors are able to handle severe losses in emerging asset classes and high-risk assets like cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) because…

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Crypto Exchange Bithumb May Have Propped up Bitcoin Price: Analysts

The bitcoin price touched a fresh yearly low this morning, leaving traders and investors scrambling for answers as the crypto market searches for a bottom. While there are numerous pressures that have weighed on bitcoin as it has taken step after step away from last year’s all-time high, research from CryptoCompare suggests that South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb may have contributed to the recent sell-off — at least indirectly. According to the firm’s latest CCCACG (short for CryptoCompare’s Aggregate Pricing Index), Bithumb led all crypto exchanges in daily volume from…

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Don’t Wait on Bitcoin ETF, Could Take Days to Years

Since early 2018, the approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) has become the catalyst of the next bull run of crypto to the mind of many investors in the market. A Bitcoin ETF could certainly increase the liquidity of the dominant cryptocurrency in the U.S. market as it would allow both institutional and retail investors to securely and efficiently invest in the asset class without running in conflict with local regulations. However, according to pro-crypto U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner (SEC) Hester Peirce, the approval of a Bitcoin ETF…

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Breakout Inbound? Bitcoin Price Sets $4,000 as Upside Target

The bitcoin price on Tuesday jumped as high as 6.1 percent against the US Dollar but failed to sustain a bullish momentum. The BTC/USD index is trading at 3910-fiat at press time, up 4.5 percent from the intraday low at 3741-fiat. The pair is undergoing a pullback action after failing to sustain its run above 4000-fiat. The said level still has a lot of bearish activity going around while an equally strong buying sentiment can be seen at 3741-fiat, which has reversed downside corrections twice in the past 36 hours….

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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Just Saw its Second-Largest Drop in History

The crypto market’s prolonged decline has finally begun to manifest in the bitcoin mining industry, which had at times seemed impervious to falling prices but is now experiencing a moderate exodus. Bitcoin Hash Rate Begins Rare Decline At a basic level, miners produce Bitcoin blocks by competing to solve complex mathematical problems. When the hash rate increases, blocks are found more quickly, while the converse occurs when the hash rate declines. To maintain a consistent block time of ~10 minutes, Bitcoin automatically adjusts the difficulty of these problems at roughly…

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Lack of Momentum Leads Crypto to Drop

CCN is expanding. Are you our next full-time journalist from the West Coast USA? Send us your CV and examples here. Over the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin price has dropped by more than five percent from $4,265 to $4,030, demonstrating a decline in daily volume. On fiat-to-cryptocurrency trading platforms like Coinbase and Bitstamp, the dominant cryptocurrency was dangerously close to dipping below the $4,000 support level. A drop below the $4,000 mark could disallow a short-term corrective rally to the mid-$4,000 region in the short-term, several analysts said. $4,000…

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Bitcoin Price Nearing ‘Capitulation Moment’: IG Market Analyst

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn CCN is expanding. Are you our next full-time journalist from the West Coast USA? Send us your CV and examples here. Bitcoin is not far from a critical loss of investor confidence that will lead to the market hemorrhaging vast amounts of value as nervous investors dump their holdings. This is the opinion of Chris Beauchamp, an analyst at the online trading platform IG. Speaking to the Financial Times, Beauchamp stated that the crypto market leader is heading for a “capitulation moment” when a critical mass of investors…

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Analyst Falsely Claims Bitcoin Price Decline Will Spark Gold Rally

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Stephen Innes, the head of trading for the Asia Pacific region at foreign exchange (FX) trading giant Oanda, has said that the plunge in the value of bitcoin and crypto will lead to a surge in the price of gold. In an interview, Innes said: “There’s still a lot of people in this game. If Bitcoin collapses, if we start to see a run down toward $3,000, this thing is going to be a monster. People will be running for the exits. I don’t think coins are…

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