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Bakkt Is Finally Taking Bitcoin Deposits, but You Wouldn’t Know It – CCN Markets

Bakkt picked a tough day to begin securing assets, but it’s still been on bitcoin’s highlight reel in 2019. | Source: Shutterstock Bakkt has been hailed as the leading catalyst for the bitcoin market this year, while visions of institutional capital danced in the crypto community’s collective heads. Today the bitcoin futures exchange made one giant leap toward its official launch by opening up Bakkt Warehouse Custody, which is the arm of the business that will keep big investors’ funds safe while they trade. Bakkt Warehouse custody is live. Now accepting…

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Bitcoin Buyers Bask in Latest Legal Defeat for Bitfinex & Tether

The New York Supreme Court ruled that the matter between the state’s Attorney General and Bitfinex parent company iFinex can continue. The bitcoin price rose 5 percent in response. | Source: Shutterstock; Edited by CCN By CCN Markets: The bitcoin price moved higher on new legal developments in the ongoing wranglings involving Bitfinex and Tether. On Monday, the New York Supreme Court ruled that the matter between the state’s Attorney General and iFinex can continue. It’s the parent company of the exchange Bitfinex. The ruling paves the path for the…

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Why Zcash Suddenly Became the Crypto Market’s Black Sheep

Privacy coin Zcash has fallen by nealry 15 percent this week, marking the second-largest decline among the leading 30 crypto tokens. | Source: Shutterstock By CCN Markets: The privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcash has fallen by nearly 15 percent this week as Bitcoin’s dominance approaches 70 percent. According to CoinMarketCap, Zcash was trading at slightly over $66 seven days ago but is now just under $56, a decline of approximately 15 percent that forced its market cap below $400 million. Zcash has declined by nearly 15% in the last seven days |…

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‘It’s the Bottom of the First Inning’ for Bitcoin

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have big plans for the crypto exchange, Gemini, not to mention their expectations for bitcoin. In a panel discussion with “Bitcoin Billionaires” author Ben Mezrich and The Wall Street Journal’s Paul Vigna, the Winklevosses discussed bitcoin and the crypto landscape. In what appears to be a packed house, they left no stone unturned, including that of their chief rival, Mark Zuckerberg. Excerpts from the event were tweeted by a New York-based analyst whose Twitter handle is @WillTradecipher, which Gemini then retweeted. While the bitcoin price currently…

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Nouriel Roubini Rages at ‘Sleazy Coward’ Crypto CEO After Vicious Debate

Economist and fierce bitcoin critic Nouriel Roubini has slammed BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes in a series of angry tweets, calling him a “sleazy coward.”  Roubini and Hayes sparred in a heated on-stage debate at the Asia Blockchain Summit on Wednesday, but the organizers have so far refused to release footage. Roubini accused the organizers of censoring the debate and called the crypto community “mafioso gangsters.” “Shut up and release the tape of our debate. This was the only session not streamed live as you mafioso gangsters decided to censor it…

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Singapore Crypto Exchange Hacked For Over $4 Million in XRP and ADA

Bitrue, a crypto exchange based in Singapore, has officially announced that it has had $3.9 million in XRP and $225,000 in Cardano (ADA) stolen in an early morning hack. “At approximately 1am June 27 (GMT+8), a hacker exploited a vulnerability in our Risk Control team’s 2nd review process to access the personal funds of about 90 Bitrue users. The hacker used what they learned from this breach to then access the Bitrue hot wallet and move 9.3 million XRP and 2.5 million ADA to different exchanges,” said the Bitrue team….

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Burned Crypto Investor Claims Bittrex Keeping $100K in BCH/BSV Mixup

Published: 17/06/2019 21:20 EST. Journalist: By CCN Markets: Imagine you sent $100,000 worth of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) somewhere. Then you opened up Bitcoin SV (BSV) and accidentally sent another $100,000 SV to that same address. Then you find it is locked up. That’s alright. You know the holder – an exchange. Surely an exchange won’t just hijack that amount of funds? All of the above is very close to what happened, according to a source writing to CCN and elsewhere. The exchange in question is not a Russian backwater operation…

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Korean Crypto Exchanges Revise Terms of Service in Boost for Investors

Published: 17/06/2019 14:30 EST By CCN Markets: According to The Korea Herald, Bithumb and four other major crypto exchanges in South Korea have formally changed their terms of service to become liable for potential hacking attacks that may affect users. Mobile interface of Bithumb, South Korea’s largest crypto exchange alongside UPbit. | Source: Shutterstock The report read: “Five cryptocurrency exchanges have changed their terms of service in a way that they can be liable for problems caused by potential cyberattacks or system malfunctions, even if operators are not willfully or…

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CCN is Shutting Down after Google’s June 2019 Core Update

Dear readers, Let’s get straight to it. Google’s June 2019 Core Update rolled out on June 3th 2019 and CCN’s traffic from Google searches dropped more than 71% on mobile overnight. Our traffic has experienced a massive impact by Google’s June 2019 Core Update. Image from   CCN’s visibility index on shows how our site was affected by Google’s Core Update. As data from SEO analyzer Sistrix shows, our visibility on Google dropped from 1.2 to less than 0.6. You might say we ought not to face any…

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With the Rise of IEOs, Investing in Altcoins Can Be Brilliant

By CCN: It’s unpopular to say this in some sectors, but it can be brilliant to invest in altcoins. If you’d bought up a ton of Binance Coin when it was first offered, for example, you’d have made your investment back plus many hundreds of percent by now. This can be the same for upcoming IEOs as it was during the ICO boom. Functionally, the only difference is the backing of the exchanges themselves, which implicates them as much as it credits them. IEOs are gaining popularity among investors. |…

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