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Bitcoin Sadist Roubini Cheers India’s Planned Cryptocurrency Ban

Economist and Bitcoin critic Nouriel ‘Dr. Doom’ Roubini has hailed a proposed ban on cryptocurrencies in India calling it ‘good news’. According to the New York University economics professor, an actual ban on crypto in the world’s second-most populous nation will save ‘retail suckers’ in the country from investing in ‘shitcoins’. Crypto ban a ‘wise government’ move Roubini consequently hailed the 200-page report containing the proposal and which was prepared by an inter-ministerial committee as coming from a ‘wise government’. Finally a wise government who is banning these toxic shitcoins…

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US Might Have Already Lost Crypto Innovation Race

As U.S. lawmakers wrestle with what to do with Facebook’s Libra, they are being forced to confront another digital currency that they’ve been trying to avoid like the plague – bitcoin. Unfortunately, the longer lawmakers wait, the more left behind the U.S. becomes as crypto innovation goes elsewhere. Even Facebook chose Switzerland for its Libra coin. Many thanks to Chair @RepMaxineWaters, Ranking Member @PatrickMcHenry, and the rest of the House Financial Services Committee for devoting so much time to discuss Libra today. We will take the time to get this…

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Iranian Authorities Disagree on Whether Bitcoin Is Legal

The crypto community in Iran is still riding a roller coaster as the country seeks to bring its economy forward. Even though the country has expressed its interest in digital assets, enthusiasts cannot be very optimistic yet. According to recent statements by Nasser Hakimi, who serves as the deputy governor for new technologies at the Central Bank of Iran, crypto trading is illegal and banned by the government. In an interview with the Iranian agency Tasnim News, Mr. Hakimi explained that the recent spike in the popularity of cryptocurrencies in…

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Treasury Secretary Won’t Let Crypto Become Next Swiss Bank Accounts

By CCN Markets: U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the G7’s Financial Action Task Force (FATF) organization will never let crypto assets “become the equivalent of secret numbered accounts.” Mnuchin was addressing a plenary session of the G7 initiative aimed at combating money laundering and terrorism financing. The U.S. Treasury Secretary was referring to secretive bank accounts commonly offered in Switzerland as well as other offshore financial hubs where the identity of the account holder is kept secret and a client is only identified by a code word. Mnuchin…

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CCN is Shutting Down after Google’s June 2019 Core Update

Dear readers, Let’s get straight to it. Google’s June 2019 Core Update rolled out on June 3th 2019 and CCN’s traffic from Google searches dropped more than 71% on mobile overnight. Our traffic has experienced a massive impact by Google’s June 2019 Core Update. Image from   CCN’s visibility index on shows how our site was affected by Google’s Core Update. As data from SEO analyzer Sistrix shows, our visibility on Google dropped from 1.2 to less than 0.6. You might say we ought not to face any…

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Bitcoin in Crosshairs as SEC & DOJ Drop Hammer on Crypto Firm Longfin

By CCN: The “crypto” startup Longfin Corp. got spanked by both the SEC and the DOJ for fraud amid a broader regulatory crackdown on bitcoin-related financial crimes. Specifically, Longfin’s CEO, Venkata Meenavalli, is accused of inflating the company’s revenue by $66 million in order to fraudulently secure a listing on the Nasdaq in 2017. Prosecutors Say Longfin Cooked the Books The Securities and Exchange Commission also accused Longfin executives of insider trading, saying they illegally sold $33 million of stock in unregistered transactions. While the screaming headlines suggest that the…

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Bitcoin ‘Crypto-Casino’ is a Terrorist Playground: Ex-SEC Crime Czar

By CCN: Bitcoin is a worthless sham that’s only useful for facilitating crime, and the public must be warned about the full spectrum of the crypto-sphere’s sleaziness. That’s the opinion of attorney John Reed Stark, a cybersecurity expert who worked for 20 years at the SEC’s enforcement division. In a damning Law 360 column, Stark says the Securities and Exchange Commission will soon crack down on initial exchange offerings (IEO), which he called an “unregulated crypto-casino fundraising mutation.” Moreover, Stark underscored that bitcoin is a con, and he advised investors…

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SEC Punts on Bitcoin ETF as Unfazed Crypto Bulls Dig in Their Heels

By CCN: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has decided once again to kick the can on its decision about a bitcoin ETF. In a ruling published today, the securities watchdog revealed that an answer on the VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETF as proposed by the Cboe would be postponed for another 90 days, pushing the deadline back to August 19. The crypto community wasn’t shocked by the announcement, but the bitcoin price has retreated modestly from Sunday’s fresh 2019 highs. Despite the pullback in the bitcoin price, the cryptocurrency market has…

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John Mcafee Brands Banker-FUDed US Congressman Crypto Dracula

U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman’s call to ban cryptocurrencies has been labeled as ‘FUD’ by anti-virus software guru and crypto influencer John McAfee. The cryptocurrency maverick who is also vying for the U.S. presidency equated the congressman to a vampire. In a tweet, McAfee posted an image of the Democratic House Rep for California’s 30th congressional district posing as Count Dracula with the vampire fangs out, perhaps a metaphor for his attempt to suck the life out of crypto. Our next “If My Life Was a Movie” poster is dedicated to…

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