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Bitcoin Price Jumps $1,000 in Sudden Spike Beyond $10,000; What’s Next?

On July 18, the bitcoin price experienced an abrupt surge from around $9,300 to $10,500 as the crypto market rebounded, rising by well over $1,000 within minutes, as CCN reported. Following the sudden upside movement, technical analysts still generally remain cautiously bearish towards the short term trend of the dominant crypto asset due to its inability to cleanly break out of a key resistance level at $10,850. Is a move down for bitcoin likely? As said by technical analyst Eric Thies, throughout the run up towards the 2017 bull market,…

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US Might Have Already Lost Crypto Innovation Race

As U.S. lawmakers wrestle with what to do with Facebook’s Libra, they are being forced to confront another digital currency that they’ve been trying to avoid like the plague – bitcoin. Unfortunately, the longer lawmakers wait, the more left behind the U.S. becomes as crypto innovation goes elsewhere. Even Facebook chose Switzerland for its Libra coin. Many thanks to Chair @RepMaxineWaters, Ranking Member @PatrickMcHenry, and the rest of the House Financial Services Committee for devoting so much time to discuss Libra today. We will take the time to get this…

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Treasury Secretary Seals Bitcoin’s Impending Death by a Thousand Cuts

Following Donald Trump’s sudden and mysterious tweets regarding bitcoin last week, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held an unexpected press conference on Monday. He used coded language telegraphing the end of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The Feds Want to Stop Crimes and Stabilize Markets Steven Mnuchin was not lying when he said that the federal government wants to crack down and stop any criminal activity that uses cryptocurrencies for payment. That’s a high priority for the federal government, especially as it relates to terrorism, the drug trade, and money laundering. The United…

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Why Ivanka Is the Ticket to Influencing Trump on Bitcoin

If there’s one person who has been by Donald Trump’s side throughout much of his life, it’s his daughter, Ivanka. From being a judge on his hit series The Apprentice to serving as an advisor to her father in the White House, Ivanka seems to have the president wrapped around her finger. One of Ivanka’s key areas of focus is entrepreneurship, which is probably the group that stands to lose the most in an anti-crypto environment in the U.S. While bitcoin doesn’t need Trump’s approval to exist, a crypto-friendly approach…

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Bitcoin is Money! Wall Street Vet Schools Donald Trump after Surprise Tweet

President Donald Trump ruffled many feathers and raised quite a few eyebrows when he took on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies during one of his characteristic Tweetstorms. Apparently, Trump has a fair idea of what bitcoin is and what it can do, and his tweets make it clear that he is not a fan of cryptocurrencies. I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air. Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade…

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Trump’s Dislike of Bitcoin Unites and Emboldens Crypto Community

The other shoe has dropped, and the president of the United States doesn’t like bitcoin. While disappointing, it’s not entirely shocking that a man who accumulated his wealth in the real estate market would take issue with a non-sovereign currency. His rejection of the digital currency, however, largely seemed to inspire a collective sigh of relief from the crypto community. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that even President Trump can’t stop bitcoin. As Gemini Co-Founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss pointed out earlier this week, the only…

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Iranian Authorities Disagree on Whether Bitcoin Is Legal

The crypto community in Iran is still riding a roller coaster as the country seeks to bring its economy forward. Even though the country has expressed its interest in digital assets, enthusiasts cannot be very optimistic yet. According to recent statements by Nasser Hakimi, who serves as the deputy governor for new technologies at the Central Bank of Iran, crypto trading is illegal and banned by the government. In an interview with the Iranian agency Tasnim News, Mr. Hakimi explained that the recent spike in the popularity of cryptocurrencies in…

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Bitcoin Price Spikes 10% in 2-Day Rally Despite Lacking Retail Investor Flurry

Over the past 48 hours, the bitcoin price has surged by more than ten percent against the U.S. dollar from $11,328 to $12,545 on regulated crypto exchanges like Coinbase Pro and Kraken. Earlier this month, the bitcoin price dropped to as low as $9,700 in a relatively large pullback that was anticipated by traders for quite a while. The bitcoin price has increased by ten percent in the past 24 hours. Source: coinmarketcap Prior to its near 30 percent pullback on July 2, the bitcoin price had increased by more…

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Should Bitcoin Bulls Fear Gold’s Unexpected Rally?

Gold has been rallying alongside bitcoin the past few months, and with this move in gold, there has been an increase in traffic at precious metals sellers as consumers unload expensive watches and precious metals. What does this signify for bitcoin, if anything? Why the Gold Rally? The gold and Bitcoin prices have both rallied in 2019. | Source: TradingView Pawnshops have existed for centuries. Stores that specialize in buying gold cropped up during the financial crisis. With unemployment soaring and gold pushing $2,000 per ounce, citizens across the country…

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Facebook’s Libra Surpasses Bitcoin on Crypto Twitter but Sentiment Stinks

 A survey conducted by cryptocurrency data firm The TIE has revealed that U.S. residents are tweeting more about Facebook’s Libra coin than bitcoin. According to The TIE, 43.8 percent of U.S. residents are tweeting about Libra. The percentage tweeting about bitcoin, on the other hand, is 39.8 percent. 7/ Interestingly, the United States represents an even larger proportion of Libra Coin tweets 43.8% than BTC 39.8%. Like Bitcoin, the UK has the second most tweets on Libra. The UK is followed by France, Canada, and Australia as the country with…

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