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Bitcoin Price Pounds into Bull Market, Could Surge to $400,000: Analyst

As the bitcoin price continues to hover in a tight range just below $4,000, crypto investors are breathlessly waiting to find out whether bitcoin price can punch through the resistance line that thwarted its most recent attempt to initiate a new bull market. Below, we examine both the bull and bear case for bitcoin as traders position themselves to be on the right side of the crypto market’s next major move. Bull Case: Bitcoin’s Losing Streak is Over, Could Rally to $400,000 Writing at ThinkMarkets UK, Chief Market Analyst Naeem…

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Crypto Winter Freezes New York Bitcoin Mining Industry

A unique characteristic of many upstate New York cities is their low energy rates. Hydroelectric dams along the St. Lawrence river give residents electricity so cheap that many even heat their homes with it. The region made perfect sense for crypto miners during the “gold rush” days of 2017 and early 2018, and the increased demand from the Bitcoin mining industry created the problem of increased electricity demand driving up the costs. Mining Premiums & Government Action + Crypto Winter = Toxic Environment for Bitcoin Miners Some municipalities like Lake…

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4 Crypto Tax Tricks from Deloitte That Will Maximize Your Tax Return

CCN spoke to Deloitte tax partner Jim Calvin about the problems and strategies associated with cryptocurrency for his clients, particularly when it comes time for them to submit their annual tax returns. Deloitte Tax Partner Spends More Than Half His Time Working on Crypto Deloitte tax pro Jim Calvin has been involved in crypto since 2014. | Source: Shutterstock Calvin got into cryptocurrency in 2014, when he was based in Asia. He says he began to get questions about Bitcoin from clients, and that he gained a personal interest as…

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Facebook’s Cryptocurrency is a YawnCoin, Not A ‘Blow to Bitcoin’

As Mark Zuckerberg outlines his vision for Facebook as a trusted digital brand for secure and private messages and payments between users, Billy Bambrough writes at Forbes: “Blow To Bitcoin As Mark Zuckerberg Warns Facebook Payments Are Coming “Bitcoin, which has recently attracted the attention of some of the world’s biggest technology entrepreneurs, is likely to soon get a major competitor:Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking giant Facebook.” Last week Nathaniel Popper and Mike Isaac at the New York Times revealed leaks from multiple sources that Facebook is secretly working on a…

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Crypto Spring Blooms? Bitcoin Transactions Hit Highest Level in a Year

Positive news has been stretched thin during the “Crypto Winter,” but there are now genuine signs that the ice is beginning to thaw. With Bitcoin showing remarkable resiliency and price stability in a world that wants to write it off, there are many fundamentals to which believers in the world’s largest cryptocurrency like to pay attention. One of these metrics just went through the roof. The SFOX Crypto Volatility Report: February 2019 was released today, and in this report, analysts try to gauge the health of crypto markets by looking…

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QuadrigaCX Exposed? Founder Allegedly Traded $8 Million in Bitcoin

According to pseudonymous cryptocurrency researcher “I am Nomad” and a report from The Block, QuadrigaCX co-founder Michael Patryn traded large Bitcoin positions on BitMEX surpassing the tune of $8 million. QuadrigaCX Co-Founder Allegedly Caught Making Major Bitcoin Trades QuadrigaCX, the now-defunct exchange which was once Canada’s biggest cryptocurrency trading platform, claimed to have lost $150 million in crypto assets following the death of its CEO Gerald Cotten. The exchange claimed that Cotten passed away with sole control over user funds stored in cold wallets. As such, the company has not…

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The Best Way To Know Bitcoin Is A Conservative Investment

Before looking at the best way to know bitcoin is a conservative investment (a very impressive 10 year bitcoin trend that has many investors pouring money into bitcoin)… Here’s the best way to know bitcoin is not a conservative investment, but a terrible get rich quick scheme, “probably rat poison squared” even, as Warren Buffet calls bitcoin: Best Way to Know Bitcoin Is Rat Poison Squared You see bitcoin or another cryptocurrency’s ATH (All Time High) prices going higher and higher, and you think now’s not a bad time for…

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Dow Futures Jump on Trade War Deja Vu, Bitcoin Price Crashes to $3,670

The US stock market is primed to jump higher on Monday after increased optimism over the state of the US-China trade negotiations caused Dow futures to leap nearly 100 points. The bitcoin price, however, continues to bleed lower in the wake of its failed attempt to clear a key resistance level. Dow Futures Climb Nearly 100 Points after Snapping Winning Streak As of 8:47 am ET, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures had bounced by 94 points or 0.36 percent, implying a rise of around 100 points at the opening bell….

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Bitcoin Haters Keep Calling Crypto Dead

Since 2011, mainstream media outlets, bank executives, economists, and other skeptics have gleefully proclaimed Bitcoin’s demise after every major correction from its all-time high. Bitcoin Will Keep Defying its Critics In the past ten years, Bitcoin has experienced five 85 percent corrections including the recent 14-month bear market. However, the dominant cryptocurrency has managed to survive each correction, achieving a new all-time high after every major drop and defying the critics. 2013 – “Game Over, Bitcoin” – @businessinsider | $110.68 “The bubble has burst & now all that’s left is…

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Bitcoin Lights First Green Monthly Candle in 8 Months: Has Accumulation Begun?

For the first time in eight months since July 2017, Bitcoin has recorded a green monthly candle on its 1-month price chart. In technical analysis, a green monthly candle materializes when the price of an asset, in this case, Bitcoin, ends the month higher than its price at the beginning of the month. 1-Month Price Chart of Bitcoin. | Source: TradingView On February 1, Bitcoin opened its monthly candle at $3,413. On February 28, the dominant cryptocurrency closed the candle at $3,791, up more than $300. Is it an Indicator…

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