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Regulators Freezes Assets of BitConnect Promoter John Bigatton

John Bigatton, the only representative for BitConnect Australia, has had his assets frozen by the  Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), functions very similarly to the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States. Bigatton can’t travel, as part of the ongoing investigation. In the video below, Bigatton celebrates with BitConnect victims as cash rains to a Star Wars theme. From Financial Advisor to Alleged Crypto Scammer Bigatton is also a director and shareholder in BitConnect International. BitConnect as a whole is under investigation by several international bodies, including the…

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U.S. Asks Indian Authorities to Seize Property of BitConnect Promoters

News of cryptocurrency investment fraud has hit the community again, as authorities of two U.S. states, Illinois and Arizona, have asked the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in India to seize the property of several BitConnect promoters, per reports from the Times of India. BitConnect was an open-source cryptocurrency and an investment program accused of running a Ponzi scheme before ceasing operations in January of this year. The CID crime investigators assigned to the case reported that they have since learned that the alleged suspects, Satish Kumbhani and Divyesh Darji, two…

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