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As the Blockchain Hype Dies, Why Should We Care About Practical TestNets?

The blockchain era has largely been defined by grandiose promises and ambitions, but little to show for it. For most companies, even those that successfully complete ICOs, we usually hear loud guarantees of life-changing and revolutionary technology. In the end, however, these “game-changers” end in the same place most others do, the dustbin of history. Reports of a vast majority of blockchain projects fizzing out or simply vanishing have become common, and those applications still around are forced to shoulder the burden and standard of the industry. In this climate,…

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Germany Explores Blockchain Strategy as Bitcoin Wars Heat Up

Germany ― Europe’s largest economy ― may be hopping on the bitcoin bandwagon as it explores how to deploy blockchain across various industries. The German government has launched a consultation process in a bid to formulate a comprehensive blockchain strategy before the summer begins. Berlin is a tech hub that’s home to 170 startups that could use blockchain, the technology underpinning bitcoin. Government sources told Reuters that industry groups and companies have been invited to offer their recommendations for incorporating blockchain to bolster the German economy. Sources say there is keen…

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Zimbabwean Exchange Adds Ethereum, Re-Enables Bitcoin Buying

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on for just $39 per month. Zimbabwe’s only crypto-currency exchange platform, has added Etherium and Bitcoin Gold, enabling trade in the two digital assets in the country.  The Zimbabwean crypto-currency exchange said in an email to traders and users of its platform on Friday: “We have now added Etherium and Bitcoin Gold to the site.” The Golix exchange platform already allows for trade in Bitcoin although traders had suffered a two-day disruption to their order books after a technical glitch on the platform.  Golix also advised…

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