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Will This Pot Stock Ever Turn a Profit?

Canopy Growth is revising the timeline for its cannabis beverage launch. Management doesn’t expect the delay to impact the company’s top line in 2020. But Canopy Growth’s bottom line is in shambles. Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE: CGC) delayed the launch of its much-anticipated cannabis beverages. The setback is a let down for cannabis stock investors (and potheads). But the Ontario-based marijuana corporation doesn’t expect the decision to have a material impact on its revenue forecast for 2020. The market took the news in stride, with shares slightly up on the…

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2 Factors Why Sky-High Tesla is a Massively Overvalued Stock

Tesla is overvalued at $92.55 billion and has an extreme premium. Its earnings to valuation ratio is almost 10 times bigger than traditional carmakers. TSLA continues to be the most shorted automaker stock, and that’s a positive for the company. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is valued at $92.55 billion. That is just $8 billion short of the market cap of Volkswagen, the second-largest carmaker in the world behind Toyota. All the numbers point toward a highly inflated valuation, worrying investors. Sign #1: Extremely high premium on earnings As of January 15,…

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Snoop Dogg Lifts Beyond Meat (BYND) as Shorts Target the Surging Stock

Beyond Meat has staged a massive rally in 2020 as the inevitability of plant-based meats sinks in. A global expansion plan could further consolidate BYND’s lead. Plant-based meats could eat up over 10% of regular meat sales. Beyond Meat’s (NASDAQ: BYND) recovery from its post-IPO crash seems to be well underway. On Monday, the stock went up by nearly 20% to hit a three-month high. Beyond Meat stock is soaring in 2020. | Source: TradingView This coincided with restaurant chain Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc (NASDAQ: DNKN) announcing that rapper Snoop…

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Millennials’ Favorite Stock Market Fad Lost a Staggering $13 Billion in 2019

Marijuana stocks were smoking hot with millennials in 2019. But the industry-wide bear market for cannabis last year harshed the buzz. Here’s how much pot stocks lost, and why the industry is struggling. In a landmark year for the stock market, four of the five biggest marijuana stocks by market cap woefully underperformed in 2019. That’s bad news for millennials. They apparently went with the “invest in what you know” approach – and got burned. Investing app Robinhood boasts over 10 million users with an average age of 32. So…

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How the Mega-Rich Raked In $500 Billion in 2019

The mega-rich saw their net worth spike to $5.9 trillion in 2019 as the Trump economy continued to expand. Strong fundamentals are expected to push the stock market further up in 2020. Top billionaires saw big gains through stocks and emerging assets. The Trump economy is continuing to march forward, and the rich are now collectively worth $5.9 trillion. Heading into 2020, billionaires are likely to get even richer. A rise in market liquidity, a low benchmark interest rate, and the strong upsurge in U.S. stocks will further boost the…

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Facebook, Google Rake in Election Ad Spending While Twitter, Spotify Say No

Presidential candidates have already spent more than $105 million on digital ads. Facebook and Google are getting most of the dough. Spotify just joined Twitter in rejecting these election ads outright. With billionaires like Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg splashing their cash around, the airwaves have been filled with 2020 presidential election ads. The political ads have invaded cyberspace too; by mid-November, the presidential candidates had already purchased more than $100 million in online ads. But going forward, you’ll be able to find respite from the noise on Spotify (NYSE:SPOT)….

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These 4 Key Catalysts Pushed Apple’s (AAPL) Stock to Record Highs

Apple stock has surged by 84% since January, boosted by strong iPhone and Airpods sales. With no tariff threats and the popularity of the firm’s flagship products surging, Apple is in a prime position to maintain momentum. Analysts are seeing $300 as a near-term target due to strong technicals supported by large sales figures. The Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock is up 84% year-to-date, pushing the market cap of the conglomerate to $1.29 trillion. Boosted by iPhone 11 and Airpods Pro sales that exceeded expectations, AAPL is in an ideal position to…

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A Decade of Unicorn IPOs and Billionaire Power

The 2010s was the decade of the unicorn startup and the billionaire. The number of billionaires more than tripled. One became president. Here are some of the biggest names over the last ten years – and how these billionaires used their money to remake the world. Plus a look at the unicorns of the decade, privately held companies worth a billion dollars or more. Billionaire Club Boomed Over the Last Decade The number of billionaires in the world exploded more than threefold in the 2010s. At the start of the…

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Elon Musk’s $1 Billion Tesla Stock Payday Might Arrive Sooner Than Anyone Thought

Elon Musk secured a generous – and ambitious – stock-based compensation plan in 2018. The Tesla CEO has already achieved the operational targets, and now only the market cap milestone remains. Tesla’s prospects are bright heading into 2020, and Musk could earn the first tranche way ahead of schedule. Elon Musk’s compensation plan ignited immense interest in 2018, owing to the ambitious targets and the generous reward the Tesla CEO could yield. Among the takeaways was that Musk’s stock award would increase his net worth by up to $55 billion…

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Can Godfall Really Help PS5 to Be a Success at Launch?

Godfall is the first confirmed game for PS5. The game is a fantasy looter slasher from Counterplay Games. It will also be available on PC. At The Game Awards 2019, Counterplay Games revealed Godfall, the first confirmed PS5 game. The developer calls it a “looter slasher” – gameplay will offer melee combat and loot that players can use to change their character build. The response to the game’s announcement is as positive as Sony could have hoped for. The trailer has been viewed 509,984 times and has 17K likes compared…

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