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Stock Market Futures Surge as Trump Gets Positive on China

Trump’s tweets on China may set the stage for a strong rally in the stock market this week as S&P 500 futures open higher. | Source: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst By CCN Markets: In response to the struggling stock market, Donald Trump’s Twitter feed was awash with positive talk about the trade war and progress with China on Sunday. A more upbeat Trump could be precisely what the doctor ordered for bruised markets, putting the wind at the S&P 500’s back next week. U.S. stock futures opened higher Sunday evening, suggesting a…

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Dow Storms Back as Trade War Tailspin Forces Fed’s Hand

The Dow Jones stormed into recovery mode as traders found a silver lining in the trade war – more Federal Reserve interest rate cuts. | Source: Drew Angerer / Getty Images / AFP The Dow Jones stormed into recovery mode on Tuesday following its worst loss of the year as traders searched for – and found – a silver lining in the alarming escalation in the US-China trade war. Dow Recovers from Grisly 2.9% Crash All of Wall Street’s major indices took a bite out of their August 5 losses….

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Dow Implodes After China Bares Its Trade War Fangs

The Dow careened more than 720 points lower as Wall Street scrambled to digest China’s devastating trade war escalations. | Source: AP Photo / Mark Lennihan The Dow Jones is getting pummeled again, down 721 points (2.72%) as a significant global move from risk comes on the back of a fresh escalation in Trump’s trade war with China. Beijing has mounted its most vigorous response yet, weaponizing the yuan and making an official point to avoid US agricultural exports. Dow Jones Ravaged By Flight From Risk The Dow Jones is…

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Dow Futures Bloodbath as China ‘Weaponizes’ Currency Against Trump

China is sticking the middle finger up at Trump. | Source: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid US stocks are set to open deep in the red on Monday, as Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures fell more than 300 points lower. Stock markets are in free fall around the world after China hit back at Trump’s proposed tariffs and Twitter threats. The Chinese government let the yuan fall to an 11-year low on Monday, effectively sticking a middle finger up at Donald Trump. China also instructed its state-owned companies to stop buying US…

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Justin Sun Rejects Chinese Media Smear of a Greedy Lying Criminal

Rumors are swirling once again around Tron founder Justin Sun. Sun announced yesterday that he would not be attending his $4.57 million lunch with Warren Buffett tomorrow. Where In The World Is Justin Sun? Hint: Not San Francisco First revealed by CoinDesk correspondent Wolfie Zhao, Chinese publication 21st Century Business Herald lambasted Sun just hours after the kidney stone story went live. The Herald article insinuates that Sun rescheduled his meeting with Buffett because he’s probably wanted by Chinese authorities. For what? In relation to the Tron ICO itself, among…

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Study Exposes How Russia, Iran, & China Are Weaponizing Crypto

It’s no secret that foes of the United States – including Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and China – are experimenting with cryptocurrency technology as they seek to render their economies immune to crippling US sanctions. However, a new study from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) exposes the lengths to which these rogue nations are willing to go to make this a reality. “For decades, U.S. adversaries have been trying to evade and undermine this power, but there has been no way to conduct significant international commerce without moving through…

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China Dominates Stablecoin Crypto Appetite with Over 50% of Trading

By CCN: Chinese trading and stablecoin volume account for over half of the transactions sent and received by known parties, in the entire world, according to the latest issue of Diar. China Dominates Global Tether, Crypto Trading Trends Previous research showed certain Western countries far in the lead as far as Bitcoin exchange transaction volume. More in-depth research, which includes China, finds that the Asian country is leading the way. Until there’s some cataclysmic event, that changes the way everyone thinks about money, we won’t see the full scope of…

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China’s Baidu Search Trends Collide with Bitcoin’s May Bull Run

By CCN: China may have cracked down on cryptocurrency companies, but that’s not stopping the local population from pursuing bitcoin as an investment. Economist and trader Alex Kruger did the research and found that there may be some truth to the theory that China fueled much of the gains in the BTC price last month. June hasn’t been so kind, at least so far, with the bitcoin price down more than 7% in the last 24 hours. In May, however, bitcoin was a rock star as its value expanded by…

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Dow Struggles as Analyst Savages Trump’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Strategy

By CCN: The Dow floundered toward a muted open on Tuesday after Donald Trump’s shocking China flip-flop spooked the markets and distracted investors from the president’s otherwise successful four-day visit to Japan. Meanwhile, one stock market analyst says that he has had enough of Trump’s “Game of Thrones” presidency and its utterly “disappointing” results. Dow Teeters as Stocks Eye Tepid Session All of Wall Street’s major indices teetered near their previous closes on Tuesday. As of 9:17 am ET, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures had gained 22 points or 0.09%,…

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Dow Cringes as Xi Jinping Ominously Sparks Fears of Economic Cold War

By CCN: The Dow lurched back into decline on Wednesday after Chinese President Xi Jinping amped up the trade war rhetoric in an ominous speech that suggested that Beijing could not only permanently freeze negotiations with the Trump administration but also mire the two nations in an economic cold war. Dow Stumbles Toward Another Setback All three of Wall Street’s major indices braced themselves for significant pullbacks at the opening bell. As of 9:27 am ET, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures had lost 90 points or 0.35%, implying an 86.33…

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