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2 Factors Why Sky-High Tesla is a Massively Overvalued Stock

Tesla is overvalued at $92.55 billion and has an extreme premium. Its earnings to valuation ratio is almost 10 times bigger than traditional carmakers. TSLA continues to be the most shorted automaker stock, and that’s a positive for the company. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is valued at $92.55 billion. That is just $8 billion short of the market cap of Volkswagen, the second-largest carmaker in the world behind Toyota. All the numbers point toward a highly inflated valuation, worrying investors. Sign #1: Extremely high premium on earnings As of January 15,…

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Dow Reverses Sharply After Trump Tariff News Rocks Stock Market

An unexpected report on U.S. tariffs smacked the Dow off its record high above 29,000. The outlook for U.S.-China trade negotiations suddenly looks less clear on the eve of the “phase one” signing ceremony. A soft CPI release hints at a worrying trend in U.S. macro data. The Dow Jones shot to a record high above 29,000 on Tuesday, fueled by a strong rally in Boeing (NYSE: BA). But the rally failed to hold after a report that tariffs on China will remain throughout the 2020 election hammered the stock…

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These 4 Key Catalysts Pushed Apple’s (AAPL) Stock to Record Highs

Apple stock has surged by 84% since January, boosted by strong iPhone and Airpods sales. With no tariff threats and the popularity of the firm’s flagship products surging, Apple is in a prime position to maintain momentum. Analysts are seeing $300 as a near-term target due to strong technicals supported by large sales figures. The Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock is up 84% year-to-date, pushing the market cap of the conglomerate to $1.29 trillion. Boosted by iPhone 11 and Airpods Pro sales that exceeded expectations, AAPL is in an ideal position to…

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China’s Massive Microsoft Gut-Punch Won’t Hurt MSFT Bull Run

Public offices in China can no longer use Microsoft and other foreign software by 2022. China banned Windows 8 in 2014 due to security concerns, it’s not something new. Microsoft’s China business relies on helping Chinese businesses move overseas, won’t affect the U.S. giant all too much. Over the next three years, offices of public institutions and government agencies in China have to replace foreign software and equipment. That means, no more Microsoft for public offices by 2022. China Orders Public Offices to Remove US Software The abrupt decision of…

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Hong Kong Bill Could Be Nail in Coffin for US-China Trade Deal

Trump will likely sign a bill supporting Hong Kong protests, according to reports. The bill has been vehemently condemned by China. Stocks took a hit as hopes of a U.S.-China trade deal by 2020 are squashed. President Donald Trump is expected to sign legislation supporting protesters in Hong Kong, according to a report in Bloomberg. The move would put Washington, D.C. on a collision course with Beijing and could squash any hopes of a U.S.-China trade deal before 2020.  Source: Twitter U.S.-China Trade Deal Hanging by a Thread  If passed…

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China Will Reward You for Exposing ICO Scams

An inter-ministerial committee in China plans to reward individuals who report illicit ICO fundraisers. The decision could likely boost China’s crackdown on the regional cryptocurrency industry. ICOs are operating freely in China despite a sweeping 2017 ban. China is planning to provide monetary perks to eligible individuals who expose illegal cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaigns. According to sources cited by Sino Global Capital’s CEO Matthew Graham, China’s interministerial office looking after the disposal of illegal fundraisers sent letters to provincial and municipal offices on Monday. The documents prompted the regional departments to…

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Bitcoin’s Difficulty Falls As Miners Capitulate; Will They Survive the Halving?

On Nov. 8, bitcoin’s mining difficulty fell for the first time in 2019, but what does this mean for the industry going forward? On Monday, bitcoin’s mining difficulty adjusted itself down by 7%, making it easier for miners to solve algorithms, and thus mine blocks. As to why this occurred, it appears to be in conjunction with bitcoin’s recent price drop. Mining difficulty is set to reconfigure itself every 2016 blocks, or roughly every two weeks. Difficulty modulates based on how long it took for miners to discover the previous…

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Treasury Yields Surge to Five-Week Highs as U.S., China Push to Formalize Trade Deal

Demand for haven assets declined on Monday, pushing bond prices down and yields higher as investors sifted through better than expected corporate earnings and positive dialogue around a formal U.S.-China trade agreement. U.S. Yield Curve Rises The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note peaked at 1.86%, its highest in almost six weeks, according to CNBC data. It was last spotted up more than 4 basis points at 1.844%. Since crashing to more than three-year lows in September, the 10-year yield has recovered more than 40 basis points. U.S. government…

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Tim Cook’s Controversial Trade War Strategy Is Paying Off For Apple (AAPL) Stock

The world’s most valuable company got more valuable this week, as Apple stock hit a record high. There is no question Apple would not have been able to flourish in Trump’s trade war environment were it not for Tim Cook’s immersive approach to Chinese diplomacy. Risks are now growing for APPL as Senator Ted Cruz leads criticism over Cook’s decision to delete an app in Hong Kong, and backlash grows over the CEO’s new role as a chairman at Tsinghua University. Tim Cook Has Apple Stock Surging With Diplomatic Approach…

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Dow Grinds Higher as Fed Dove Bullard Teases Aggressive Rate Cuts

The Dow plodded higher on Tuesday as dovish commentary from the Federal Reserve offset concerns about the partial trade deal President Donald Trump and Chinese negotiators shook hands on last week. Dow Eyes Triple-Digit Recovery on Tuesday All of Wall Street’s primary indices bounced back from their Columbus Day losses. The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 138.64 points or 0.52% to 26,926. The Dow spiked toward a triple-digit recovery on Tuesday. | Source: Yahoo Finance The S&P 500 rose 13.29 points or 0.45% to 2,979.44. Ten of 11 primary sectors…

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