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Bitcoin Isn’t Cypherpunk, Craig Wright Rants in Attack on Julian Assange

By CCN: The man who claims to be Bitcoin’s inventor wants to rewrite history by erasing the cryptocurrency’s cypherpunk past. Writing in yet another blistering blog post, Craig Wright claimed he left the cypherpunk movement in the 1990s after growing tired of the antics of Julian Assange. Craig Wright: I Couldn’t Stand Julian Assange Despite publishing the Bitcoin whitepaper to a cypherpunk mailing list, Craig Wright claims Satoshi wasn’t a cypherpunk. Why? Because he couldn’t stand Julian Assange. | Source: Justin TALLIS / AFP Wikipedia offers the basic definition of…

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This Crypto Startup Hacks Its Own Users’ Wallets to Rescue $13 Million

By CCN: Better the thief you know than the one you don’t. Cryptocurrency platform Komodo has had to hack its users after discovering a serious security flaw in one of its wallets. According to a press statement by the blockchain startup, Komodo’s cybersecurity team was able to ‘sweep’ in and retrieve 8 million Komodo coins (KMD) and 96 Bitcoin before hackers got hold of the exposed loot. An estimated $13 million worth of cryptocurrency was saved in the process. A video on YouTube reveals how bad actors could have potentially…

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Russia’s Massive Oil Industry Considers Using Facebook’s Global Coin

By CCN: According to local reporting, Facebook’s Global Coin might soon be used to value barrels of oil, according to one wide-ranging article about the impact of technology on the Russian economy. Warning that further American dominance in technology will likely lead to increased sanctions and other problems for Russia, including trade and tariff imbalances. What Does Global Coin Mean for the Globe? The Russian government has been back and forth about the fate of cryptocurrency in the large region. On the one hand, they might end up with regulations…

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A $100 Million Crypto Hedge Fund Makes Long-Term Bet on Ethereum

By CCN: Bloomberg’s Matthew Leising profiled  Darma Capital. It’s a $100 million crypto fund with a bullish view on Ethereum and a visionary approach to the future of the internet. You might say they’re long Ethereum above all. The hedge fund is helping high-net-worth accredited investors to position themselves for a decade long ether bull run. A key figure in Darma’s rise is Andrew Keys. He announced in a press release Thursday that he’s joining Darma Capital as a managing partner. Keys was a co-founder of ConsenSys Capital, a Brooklyn-based…

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China Dominates Stablecoin Crypto Appetite with Over 50% of Trading

By CCN: Chinese trading and stablecoin volume account for over half of the transactions sent and received by known parties, in the entire world, according to the latest issue of Diar. China Dominates Global Tether, Crypto Trading Trends Previous research showed certain Western countries far in the lead as far as Bitcoin exchange transaction volume. More in-depth research, which includes China, finds that the Asian country is leading the way. Until there’s some cataclysmic event, that changes the way everyone thinks about money, we won’t see the full scope of…

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Bitcoin in Crosshairs as SEC & DOJ Drop Hammer on Crypto Firm Longfin

By CCN: The “crypto” startup Longfin Corp. got spanked by both the SEC and the DOJ for fraud amid a broader regulatory crackdown on bitcoin-related financial crimes. Specifically, Longfin’s CEO, Venkata Meenavalli, is accused of inflating the company’s revenue by $66 million in order to fraudulently secure a listing on the Nasdaq in 2017. Prosecutors Say Longfin Cooked the Books The Securities and Exchange Commission also accused Longfin executives of insider trading, saying they illegally sold $33 million of stock in unregistered transactions. While the screaming headlines suggest that the…

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Reality TV’s Big Brother Creator Targets Facebook for Fake Bitcoin Ads

By CCN: John de Mol, who is behind the reality television hit show “Big Brother,” blames Facebook for scammers using his likeness on fraudulent bitcoin-fueled ads that stole nearly $2 million from investors. De Mol, who according to Forbes is worth $1.7 billion, has reportedly filed a complaint in an Amsterdam court against the social media giant for not doing more to prevent the alleged crypto frauds. The ads, which reportedly lured investors to buy bitcoin or engage in crypto-related endeavors that they claimed de Mol had a hand in,…

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Litecoin Hashrate Skyrockets amid Rumors of Next-Gen Miner Availability

By CCN: Litecoin may not be immune to today’s crypto market sell-off, but the No. 5 cryptocurrency has been one of the leaders of 2019. In addition to the crypto market’s expanding value, the hashrate – which is a reflection of computing power dedicated to the network – has also been on the rise. Source: Litecoin’s Hashrate Reaches an All-Time High Once again, Litecoin has been a standout, with its hashrate achieving a new all-time high, according to Litecoin Foundation Director Franklyn Richards in a recent blog post. While…

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Crypto Exchange Bankrupt After Blockport STO Ends in Utter Disaster

By CCN: Amsterdam-based cryptocurrency exchange Blockport has declared bankruptcy after its security token offering (STO) flamed out in disastrous fashion. Blockport launched a token sale between April 16 and May 15, in which the crypto exchange sought to raise €5 million ($5.62 million). But it didn’t work out as planned. Crypto Exchange Token Crashes 93% After STO Announcement The Blockport cryptocurrency crashed 93 percent. It hasn’t exactly been a great investment. | Source: CoinMarketCap In a blog post last month, Blockport Founder and Chief of Product Sebastiaan Lichter announced that…

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China’s Baidu Search Trends Collide with Bitcoin’s May Bull Run

By CCN: China may have cracked down on cryptocurrency companies, but that’s not stopping the local population from pursuing bitcoin as an investment. Economist and trader Alex Kruger did the research and found that there may be some truth to the theory that China fueled much of the gains in the BTC price last month. June hasn’t been so kind, at least so far, with the bitcoin price down more than 7% in the last 24 hours. In May, however, bitcoin was a rock star as its value expanded by…

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