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Is Ripple Decentralized or Not? Blockchain Expert Ends the Debate

Is Ripple decentralized or not? One expert weighs in. | Image: Shutterstock Ripple fans adamantly preach that the cryptocurrency runs on a decentralized network. A quick search of the term “Ripple Decentralized” on Twitter reveals hordes of accounts claiming that “The Standard” is decentralized in nature. Many are even ganging up in an attempt to prove their point. ChardyXBT tweet. | Source: Twitter In addition, the Chief Technology Officer of Ripple Labs, David Schwartz, wrote an article claiming that the XRP Ledger is more decentralized than bitcoin and Ethereum to…

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Bitcoin Price Saturday Spiral Tramples on Short-Term $12,000 Breakout — CCN Markets

Bitcoin price fell sharply on Saturday after failing to break beyond $11,000. | Source: Shutterstock The bitcoin price abruptly dropped by more than five percent $10,949 to $10,204 in the past 24 hours at a point which technical analysts described as a critical moment for bitcoin. The bitcoin price has dropped by more than $500 overnight against the USD (source: As the bitcoin price initially made its way to $10,900, traders anticipated the dominant cryptocurrency to break out of a crucial resistance level and potentially retest $11,400 with the…

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Bakkt Is Finally Taking Bitcoin Deposits, but You Wouldn’t Know It – CCN Markets

Bakkt picked a tough day to begin securing assets, but it’s still been on bitcoin’s highlight reel in 2019. | Source: Shutterstock Bakkt has been hailed as the leading catalyst for the bitcoin market this year, while visions of institutional capital danced in the crypto community’s collective heads. Today the bitcoin futures exchange made one giant leap toward its official launch by opening up Bakkt Warehouse Custody, which is the arm of the business that will keep big investors’ funds safe while they trade. Bakkt Warehouse custody is live. Now accepting…

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Why Binance Coin Is Headlining the Crypto Market Resurgence – CCN Markets

Binance Coin has surged twice as fast as any other cryptocurrency over the past year, including bitcoin. Here’s why BNB is leading the pack. | Source: REUTERS / Darrin Zammit Lupi Binance Coin suffered one of its worst losses this year on May 7th after hackers took off with 7,000 bitcoins. The heist cost cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance a total of $40 million. Four months later, it appears that everyone has forgotten about the security breach. Binance is just as popular as ever, and its proprietary crypto token rallied to…

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Bitcoin Whale Moves a Cool Billion Dollars for a Mere $700 Fee — CCN Markets

Someone just moved $1 billion in bitcoin to an unknown wallet. | Source: Shutterstock On September 6, more than $1 billion worth of bitcoin was sent from an unknown wallet. The transaction was processed within several hours with a $700 fee. A $1 billion bitcoin transaction processed with a $700 fee (source: The Token Analyst team traced some of the 94,500 bitcoin to the address of Huobi Global, a major cryptocurrency exchange, but the origins of the rest of the holdings remain unclear. $1 Billion+ $BTC was transferred in…

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‘Zombie Crypto’ Threatens John McAfee With $100 Million Lawsuit – CCN Markets

Source: REUTERS / Alexandre Meneghini (i), Shutterstock (ii). Image Edited by CCN. A Chinese crypto project that allegedly paid 2020 U.S. presidential candidate John McAfee $4.5 million to promote the Initial License Offering (ILO) of its Zombie Coin has now threatened to sue the influencer for $100 million. According to the firm behind the CZcoin cryptocurrency project, South China Zombie Research Centre (SCZRC), the cryptocurrency influencer has reneged on the terms initially agreed upon. Specifically, the firm claims that McAfee has disparaged them in the white paper which he has…

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Leading Technical Analysis Expert Predicts a Bitcoin Shakeout Before Rally – CCN Markets

The Fear and Greed Index suggests that crypto investors are feaful. In addition, a top analyst believes bitcoin has more downside risk before skyrocketing. | Source: Shutterstock Over the last few weeks, bitcoin has been struggling to stay above $10,000. The bullish steam that pushed the dominant crypto to $13,880 is fading away. Armchair traders are quick to notice the coin’s growing weakness. A pseudonymous trader named Escobar has closed short-term long positions. While doing so, the analyst is also maintaining shorts above $12,000. #Bitcoin 1D TF- Closing short term…

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EU Antitrust Boss Flags Facebook Crypto Libra for Monopoly Risks – CCN Markets

The European Union’s AntiTrust Chief is scrutinizing Facebook’s much-publicized crypto, Libra. | Source: Shutterstock EU regulators are investigating if the Facebook Libra “cryptocurrency” poses a threat to competition by being a potential monopoly. Margrethe Vestager is the outgoing antitrust chief of the European Union. She’s gravely concerned that Libra could violate antitrust laws. EU: Facebook Libra must not stifle competition To address this, Vestager says European regulators are examining the potential anti-competitive threats posed by Libra. “We can even look at new services even before they’re introduced,” Vestager said at…

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Are VanEck ‘ETF’ and Bakkt Catalysts to Take Bitcoin to 2019 High Again?

VanEck and SolidX are reportedly selling a “limited version” of a bitcoin ETF after every BTC ETF proposal has been rejected by the SEC. | Source: Shutterstock Primarily targeting institutional investors, VanEck and SolidX are reportedly selling a “limited version” of a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) after every bitcoin ETF proposal has been rejected by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to date. According to the VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust 144A Shares proposal, qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) will be able to purchase publicly quoted DTC-eligible BTC security through a brokerage…

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VanEck’s Quasi Bitcoin ETF Not a Game Changer: Economist – CCN Markets

VanEck plans to launch a bitcoin fund designed for institutional investors that The Wall Street Journal falsely describes as a “limited version of a crypto ETF.” | Source: Shutterstock The bitcoin bulls have wrestled back control of the BTC price, with the leading cryptocurrency barreling for $11,000 once again. While the positive momentum emerged over the weekend, the optimism is no doubt also being fueled by today’s VanEck development. The New York-based investment management firm plans to launch a bitcoin fund, which is designed for “qualified institutional buyers,” that The…

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