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There’s Less than $100k at Stake on Ethereum Gambling DApp Augur

Tetras Capital Founding Partner Alex Sunnarborg has revealed that decentralised gambling platform Augur is suffering from the same lack of volume that continues to plague the decentralized application (dApp) ecosystem at large. Reacting to the platform’s weekly report released on January 9, Sunnarborg stated that the total volume of active markets on Augur is, in fact, less than $100,000. In the report, Augur placed the total value of bets placed on the platform at $2,040,934.63 (13,451 ETH). This value was achieved across a total of 1,724 markets. Writing on Twitter,…

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It’s Time for Bitcoin to ‘Put up or Shut up’

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn This year has been filled with negatives for cryptocurrencies, or at least cryptocurrency investors. Trading at insane prices towards the tail end of 2017, crypto values have fallen closer to earth, with a large majority shedding as much as 80 percent of their value. This has led to quite a bit crisis talk, with some commentators prophesying an imminent crypto crash. Economist Tyler Cowen, though, isn’t sounding the alarm — yet. In an op-ed published in Bloomberg, Cowen, a professor at George Mason University, wrote that a…

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Bancor’s Cross-Chain DEX Between Ethereum and EOS is Now Live

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Bancor, a popular decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol on the Ethereum blockchain announced in September that they’d build a bridge to the EOS network. The new platform, called BancorX, is now live. BancorX enables token conversions between 110+ Ethereum and EOS-based assets. Projects launching on the platform include Everipedia, eosBLACK, BetDice, MEET.ONE, KARMA, Prochain, and Chaince. Bancor Bridges the Gap Between Ethereum And EOS BancorX was built in partnership with EOS block producer LiquidEOS. It makes use of Bancor’s own token, BNT, to make the transactions happen. BNT…

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Joe Rogan Discusses Ethereum-Based Twitter, In Light of Alex Jones

On the Joe Rogan podcast (JRE podcast), American singer-songwriter Shooter Jennings and Joe Rogan discussed Ethereum-based Twitter alternative Peepeth, which allows anyone to release permanent tweets embedded into the blockchain, without censorship. Throughout the podcast, Rogan and Jennings went back and forth on the Alex Jones situation, sharing the general sentiment that Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter should not have banned Jones, disallowing free speech. In response, Jennings introduced a decentralized social media platform called Peepeth to Rogan, describing its immutable and anti-censorship features. “There is this thing called Peepeth, it’s…

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White Hat Hacker Finds Major Vulnerability in Ethereum DApp Augur

A white hat hacker has discovered a major vulnerability in decentralized prediction market Augur, perhaps the most highly-touted decentralized application (dApp) built on the Ethereum network. The bug, disclosed through bug bounty platform HackerOne by security researcher Viacheslav Sniezhkov, would have allowed an attacker to inject fraudulent data into Augur’s user interface, potentially leading to a significant loss of funds on the part of affected users. This exploit was made possible because while Augur’s core functionality — an uncensorable prediction market that allows users to bet on the outcome of…

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