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Single Wallet Owner Possesses 51% of Hashrate

The NicheHash crypto mining marketplace contains the majority of the hashpower on the Dash network. A concerned Reddit user raised the alarm today. Single Miner Mining More Than 50% of All Dash Blocks Source: CoinWarz Dash has a total of almost 1,900 Terrhashes per second at time of writing. Meanwhile, NiceHash is responsible for more than 1,000 TH/s across over 25,000 miners. Over $2.2 Million Earned by Single Miner Analysis by the concerned Reddit user found that three of the top addresses over the last few thousand Dash blocks are…

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Maduro Bankrupted Venezuela — Now He’s Launching a Petro Savings Plan

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn The Venezuelan government has recently launched a Petro savings plan that allows the country’s citizens to put their money into the oil-backed cryptocurrency and “save by means of a certificate.” Venezuela Launches Petro Savings Plan for 18 Million Citizens According to local news outlet Telesur, the savings plan is part of the “Comprehensive National Cryptoasset Plan,” and will in its initial phase “make available” 4 million petros, equivalent to 14,400 million sovereign bolivars, the country’s fiat currency. The amount equals $240 million. The savings plan is set…

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Dash Launches Text-Based Crypto Payment Service in Venezuela

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Crypto project Dash has announced the launch of Dash Text, an SMS-based cryptocurrency transaction service for Venezuelan users, as it builds on its already strong presence in the crypto dependent country. In an announcement released this week, the company said that Dash Text eliminates the need for Venezuelan users to possess smartphones and internet access to carry out crypto transactions, which has historically been a significant barrier to adoption in the impoverished country suffering from hyperinflation. Driven by several months of hyperinflation which have rendered the bolivar…

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Venezuelans Must Pay Passport Fees with Petro Cryptocurrency: Govt.

Starting next week, Venezuelans will have to pay their passport fees with the petro, the controversial state-supported cryptocurrency that is allegedly backed by oil. This was announced in a press conference on Friday, Oct. 5, by the country’s vice president, Delcy Rodriguez, ahead of the coin’s official launch in November. This follows a similar press release by President Nicolas Maduro, who stated that oil purchases will now be made with petros (PTR). According to Rodriguez, new passports will cost two petros, while extensions can be purchased half that. Bloomberg reports…

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