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‘Peak Trump’ Author Predicts 40 Percent Drop in Stocks, Says Rally Is Irrational

Former U.S. budget director from the Ronald Reagan era David Stockman is predicting a stock market collapse. Stockman, who is also the author of a book called “Peak Trump,” is not impressed by the S&P 500’s three-day winning streak or the fact that the index is about close at a multi-month high after last week’s declines. While most of Wall Street is cheering today’s rally, Stockman is waiting for the other economic shoe to drop, taking the S&P 500, which is currently hovering at $2,819, down to the $1,600 level…

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Brexit Beatdown Adds to Pressure on US Stock Market

Brexit, Brexit, and more Brexit. UK readers will probably be desperate to stop talking about bloody Brexit. Well, the end-game appears to be in motion. Theresa May put her withdrawal deal to a vote in UK Parliament, and it was overwhelmingly rejected by lawmakers. What a resounding defeat for UK Prime Minister Theresa May – again. Losing by 149 votes, May’s second attempt to pass her deal has gone up in flames. The future is now even more uncertain, with betting odds pricing in a high chance of a delay….

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Nancy Pelosi Would Fail Spectacularly if She Tried to Impeach Donald Trump

In an explosive interview with The Washington Post, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she won’t move to impeach Donald Trump. Despite calling Trump “unfit” to be president, she said impeachment is too divisive and Trump is “not worth it.” But the real reason she won’t impeach Trump is that she’d fail spectacularly. Pelosi needs bipartisan support to oust the president, and she doesn’t have it. Not even close. The inevitable failure would be catastrophic for the Democrats going into the 2020 election. And it would only strengthen Trump’s re-election campaign….

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Donald Trump’s $4.75 Trillion Budget Should Terrify Fiscal Hawks

Here we go again. Donald Trump’s new $4.75 trillion budget proposal is wild even by his lofty standards. We shouldn’t be surprised, as overspending has been the hallmark of the president’s professional business career, but you are forgiven for thinking he might take a different approach to his handling of the United States’ finances. The proposal, which will make the shrinking number of fiscal hawks on either side of the aisle shudder, is evident in its intent. Trump is going all out to make sure that he has the cash…

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Dow Tanks as Ominous Trade War Signals Pummel Stock Market

The opening bell hasn’t even rung, and the Dow is already well on its way to its fifth consecutive losing session as the US stock market reels from a flurry of ominous reports that suggest the US and China are further from a trade deal than Trump administration officials had claimed. Dow Plunges Again, on Track for 5th Straight Loss As of 8:40 am ET, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures had lost 128 points or 0.50 percent, after plunging as far as 200 points earlier in the session. Nasdaq futures…

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‘Badass’ AOC Has Democrats Gushing, But She’s Using Trump’s Playbook

Let’s observe a moment of silence for the moderates, may they rest in peace. The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez freight train is doing to the Democratic party above all, what Donald Trump did to the Republicans. Trump Splintered the Republicans; Now AOC is Wreaking Havoc on the Democrats Trump was able to redefine what it means to be a conservative because the modern-day GOP was merely a shell before he took that fateful escalator ride. The Trump campaign identified a core voter base to target with ideology and banked on the more…

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‘They Didn’t Give One Letter of the Requests’

U.S. President Donald Trump completely reversed course on whether the White House will cooperate with the House Democrats’ investigation in corruption and obstruction of justice – a probe that’s widely viewed as a pretense for impeaching the president. Addressing document requests made by the House Judiciary Committee, the president remarked: “They didn’t give one letter. They didn’t do anything. They didn’t give one letter of the requests. New: Trump appears to reverse himself after saying yesterday that he “cooperates with everybody.” Just now, he said Obama refused to comply. “They…

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US-China Trade Optimism Fuels $1 Trillion Chinese Stock Rally

Following a period of economic turmoil caused by trade friction between the U.S. and China, Chinese markets are experiencing an extraordinary recovery driven by indications that Donald Trump may be softening his hard line in trade negotiations between the world’s two largest economies. After Trump announced that he would postpone the March 1 deadline for Chinese import tariff hikes, the CSI 300 Index recorded a 6 percent surge last Monday. The Shanghai Composite Index also recorded its best day since June 2015, after it closed with a 5.6 percent gain….

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Why Donald Trump Was Forced to Walk Away from North Korea Summit

The highly anticipated meeting with the U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea Chairman of the Workers’ Party Kim Jong Un came to an abrupt end with neither party willing to compromise on a denuclearization agreement. Trump-Kim Summit Ends Without a Deal A relatively high number of political analysts and think tanks in South Korea predicted a fallout between President Trump and Chairman Kim before the meeting took place. Hover Lab, a conservative think tank based in South Korea founded by network journalists, attorneys, and party members, consistently reported for…

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Trump’s North Korea Summit a Distraction from Cohen Testimony

It was no coincidence that US President Donald Trump opted to hold his North Korean summit with Kim Jong-Un at the same time that his former fixer Michael Cohen testified in Congress. Trump Playing Games to Suck Oxygen out of the Newsroom It is a classic Trumpian move to avoid a lousy headline by creating a big flashy headline to suck away as much attention as you can. Remember “Space Force”? The proposed fourth branch of the US military exists because the president’s administration was getting a lot of heat…

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