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YouTube Has a Massive False Copyright Claim Problem

YouTube’s copyright claim system is famously terrible for creators. A company called Studio 71 has allegedly been false claiming videos en masse, despite not owning any of the content they’ve been claiming. This is all on YouTube, which needs to start punishing these companies and restricting how easy these claims are to make. It seems like every week we’re discovering some new problem with YouTube. It’s not hard to understand why. While the platform was built around user-created content, it’s now swamped with corporate interests. Plus, it relies heavily on…

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We Need to Stop With The Lord of the Rings Games

There have been plenty of video game adaptations of The Lord of the Rings over the years. Many of these video game adaptations have been pretty high quality, but they usually manage to trample over certain elements of J.R.R. Tolkien’s canon. There probably shouldn’t be any more video game adaptations of Tolkien for a while. The Lord of the Rings is a definitive piece of fiction. Since it was released in 1954, it has swept the world. We’ve had several adaptations, from movies to games to movie-based games. In general,…

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The One Where Netflix Subscribers Grieve the Loss of ‘Friends’ on Twitter

New Year’s Eve 2019 is the very last day fans can binge-watch Friends on Netflix. They’ll have to wait until May 2020 before they can stream the beloved New York City life and dating sitcom again on HBO Max. Friends fans took to Twitter to brace for the withdrawals. To true Friends fans, very little in life cuts as deep as that final panning shot of Monica’s apartment in the series finale, resting on that yellow picture frame around the peephole on her door. The show’s disappearance from Netflix is…

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Scathing The Witcher Review Didn’t Even Watch 50% of Netflix’s Show

The Witcher dropped on Friday to rave reviews from fans. Critical responses have been less positive, leading to mediocre scores on Metacritic. One website’s reviewers didn’t even bother to watch the whole show before publishing a scathing review. The Witcher series finally dropped on Netflix this week, and fan reactions have been fiercely positive. Critical responses have been decidedly less enthusiastic. Entertainment Weekly, for example, hated the show so vehemently they slammed the first season with the worst grade possible: F. Now, whether you’re a fantasy geek or not, you…

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Twitch Streamer Stalker Is Running Rampant, Posts 400-Page Manifesto of Complete Insanity

AngelsKimi is a variety Twitch Streamer with a decent following. She seems to have gotten herself an obsessive ‘superfan’. This superfan has shown up at other streamers’ events and recently posted a hugely long manifesto demanding they start a relationship. Putting yourself out there can be difficult, especially online. Once you put something on the internet it tends to be there forever. If you’re a content creator you can end up with some pretty obsessive fans. Such is the case for a Twitch streamer known as AngelsKimi. AngelsKimi is a…

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Netflix’s The Witcher Series Sounds Like It’s Going to Be Epic

Netflix’s new series based on The Witcher has been divisive ahead of its release. Recently, an advanced screener premiered to a limited audience of journalists. Their reactions have given people a reason to be optimistic about the series. Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of The Witcher is one of the most hotly anticipated shows of the year. For many, it will supply the much-needed fix of fantasy TV that has been missing since Game of Thrones ended. Set to release in December, the show has got many fans chomping at the bit….

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Clint Eastwood Entertainment Op-ed Politics Richard Jewell 

‘Richard Jewell’ Is Clint Eastwood’s Rebuke to the Kavanaugh Hysteria

There appears to be no stopping Clint Eastwood. At age 89, he is about to release his 38th directorial effort, “Richard Jewell.” The engaging trailer below lays out the story of the wrongfully-maligned security officer who saved countless lives by discovering a bomb in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics. Clint Eastwood’s American Heroes Clint Eastwood is no stranger to telling stories of real American heroes in an era where such stories have become increasingly unpopular with the politically-correct Left. In this case, rather than focus on the extraordinary achievements of…

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Rapper Nas & the No-Good-Very-Bad Payday Loan Investment – CCN.com

Nas wasn’t wrong to back a fintech product designed to disrupt the payday loan industry. He just threw his weight behind the wrong one. | Source: Shutterstock Famed rapper Nasir Jones (“Nas”) made a poor choice in backing a revolutionary new financial services product that provides “earned wage access” to employees. A variety of earned wage access companies have popped up in recent years, but only one of them has a model that is worse than the payday loans it’s designed to replace. Regrettably, Nas chose to support that one…

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The New Star Wars Poster Hilariously Stars an Actual Toy – CCN Markets

By CCN Markets: After the enormous success of ‘The Force Awakens’ with nearly $1 billion at the domestic box office, things started to dwindle for Disney. After ‘The Last Jedi’  and ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story,’ a movie that alienated audiences, and a film that got no audiences respectively, Disney needed to make a serious comeback. This weekend Disney showed epic new footage at the Star Wars conference at the D23 event. The footage just showed up online, and It did not disappoint. The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker…

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Disney Plus’ Star Wars TV Slate Should Leave Netflix Terrified

Disney Plus is going big with its slate of content and Netflix should be very worried. | Source: Shutterstock Disney Plus was trending on Twitter on Friday with over 118k tweets during their D23 Expo. Netflix was not. With a slew of major announcements, Disney is determined to keep the streaming giant sweating. Disney Comes out Swinging Disney pulled out the big guns this Friday. Actor Ewan McGregor took the stage to confirm he will star as Obi-Wan Kenobi in a new Disney Plus series. The media conglomerate also released…

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