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Epic Games Adds Airstrikes to Fortnite and Players Are Furious

Epic Games has added a new update to Fortnite. Chief among the new features is an airstrike grenade, which adds fire from the sky for players lucky enough to find weapons on the map. Each projectile brings 20 missiles with it, and explosions damage players and buildings alike within a 3.5-meter radius. Like many other recent additions, the airstrikes have received backlash from the community. Outside of the new weapon, patch v9.30 doesn’t add much to the game; this might be given away by its name – Air Strike. The…

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Epic Forces Fortnight Leave on Employees in Overworked Gaming Industry

Epic Games has taken a long, hard look at the current state of Gaming. the development firm behind Unreal Engine 4 and its predecessors it’s taking strides to make gaming a better, more profitable, and more sustainable industry. Facing major competitors Like Valve, Epic Games is pushing other companies to compete with a higher standard. Epic Games’ Fortnite, the world’s most popular videogames, will see no disruption during the shutdown: | Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP Epic Games has been widely criticized for inciting a crunch based and high-stress work environment…

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