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Billionaire Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Billionaire Eric Schmidt, the former chairman of Google, is a budding bitcoin and blockchain enthusiast who said ethereum could be a “powerful platform” whose untapped potential is off-the-charts. Schmidt made the remarks during a live event with economist Tyler Cowen hosted by Village Global in San Francisco. In the wide-ranging conversation, Schmidt discussed the future of technology, corporate governance reform, Google’s hiring practices, and bifurcation of the internet. Schmidt Now: Ethereum Has Major Potential When asked whether he thought blockchain was overrated or underrated, Schmidt gave a compound answer. “In…

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Ethereum dApp Augur Records $2 Million in Bets in US Midterms

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Augur, a decentralized prediction platform on the Ethereum blockchain, has recorded over $2 million in bets on election night. During the United States midterm election, as Augur co-founder Jeremy Gardner stated, bets placed on the outcome of US midterms initially reached $900,000 and eventually surpassed the $2 million mark. That is, more than 60 percent of the bets Betfair, the biggest betting platform in the world, recorded throughout midterms. “There’s $700,000 staked on Augur for today’s mid-term election. PredictIt, the leading prediction market, has $550,000. Betfair, the…

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Bancor’s Cross-Chain DEX Between Ethereum and EOS is Now Live

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Bancor, a popular decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol on the Ethereum blockchain announced in September that they’d build a bridge to the EOS network. The new platform, called BancorX, is now live. BancorX enables token conversions between 110+ Ethereum and EOS-based assets. Projects launching on the platform include Everipedia, eosBLACK, BetDice, MEET.ONE, KARMA, Prochain, and Chaince. Bancor Bridges the Gap Between Ethereum And EOS BancorX was built in partnership with EOS block producer LiquidEOS. It makes use of Bancor’s own token, BNT, to make the transactions happen. BNT…

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Milestones of ConsenSys-Led Ethereum Tools: Truffle, Infura, MetaMask

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin-led ConsenSys, the largest blockchain software development firm in the world based in New York, has created three of the most widely utilized Ethereum products over the last several years. To many new cryptocurrency users and investors, ConsenSys, which houses nearly 1,000 developers, is unrecognized. But, day-to-day users of various blockchain projects are well versed in the work ConsenSys has done to improve the infrastructure of the blockchain ecosystem. At DevCon hosted in Prague, Czech Republic, ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin presented the world’s most…

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says His Son is an Ethereum Miner

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google co-founder Sergey Brin and CEO Sundar Pichai have a lot more in common than just their jobs. Both tech billionaires have crypto-savvy young sons who mine ethereum. Pichai said his 11-year-old son mines ethereum on a home computer that Pichai built himself, according to Business Insider. He made the amusing revelation at the New York Times DealBook conference this week while — ironically — discussing tech addiction and the importance of limiting screen time for children. “Last week I was at dinner with my son, and I was talking…

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China’s Merchants are Legally Allowed to Accept Bitcoin and Crypto

As reported by CnLedger, a trusted cryptocurrency news source in China, the country’s merchants can legally accept crypto as a payment method. According to local reports, the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration officially recognized Bitcoin as a property, allowing individuals and businesses to own and transfer Bitcoin without being in conflict with existing financial regulations. “Chinese court confirms Bitcoin is protected by law. Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration ruled a case involving cryptos. Inside the verdict: CN law does not forbid owning & transferring bitcoin, which should be protected by…

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Swiss Bank Helps Clients Participate in ICOs

Here’s something we don’t hear every day: a Swiss bank has opted to enable its clients to participate in initial coin offerings easily. The bank, Swissquote, has previously allowed customers to trade in cryptos. This is, to say the least, an unusual service for a fiat banking institution. Additionally, Swissquote offers traditional FOREX trading and the range of services that traditional banks offer. LakeDiamond ICO The first ICO to be offered as an investment option on the banking platform is LakeDiamond, a lab-grown diamond company which is raising funds to…

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Ethereum Price Shorts Reach Record Levels

Beginning on Thursday, crypto markets experienced a massive sell-off which affected most coins and brought down total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies to $200 billion, down $25 billion in the space of a few hours in what was overall a bearish week for cryptocurrencies as a whole, but ethereum in particular. Behaviour of investors indicates that the market expects ethereum to fall even further. Record ETH Shorts and Possible Reasons At the moment, of all the major cryptocurrencies, ethereum appears to be the worst hit by the selloff, after months of…

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How Roubini Failed to Attack Crypto with Cherrypicked Data

Recognized economist Nouriel Roubini, a professor at Stern School and NYU, recently launched a series of attacks against the crypto sector. All of the False Claims Roubini Made He claimed Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme, Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin amassed a wealth of a billion dollars by creating a pre-mined blockchain network, and said public blockchain protocols are unusable due to $60 fees — all of which are completely false. Buterin disclosed that he had never held more than 0.9 percent of Ethereum’s total supply and had nowhere close to…

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Court Authorizes Crypto Firm to Reclaim 530 ETH Sent to Wrong Address

The Supreme Court of British Columbia has issued a major ruling in a case stemming from a dispute over ethereum (ETH) tokens mistakenly sent to an initial coin offering (ICO) investor, and it could have implications for cryptocurrency users or exchanges outside of the litigants involved in the case. The ruling, which was issued by Justice Ronald A. Skolrood on Sept. 12, authorized Singapore-based blockchain startup Copytrack to track down and reclaim approximately 530 ETH that it had mistakenly sent to an investor who participated in its initial coin offering…

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