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Bluepoint Games is Probably Developing a Demon’s Souls PlayStation 5 Remake

Bluepoint Games is hinting at a Demon’s Souls remake in a Tweet. It specifically calls out ResetEra in the Tweet. Other hints in the message point toward a remake of the game as well. Bluepoint Games can’t help but put out cryptic Tweets to try and keep gamers guessing about its next project. The newest tease from the developer seems to point to a Demon’s Souls remake. There are a few things that make it apparent that the Bluepoint Games Tweet is connected to Demon’s Souls. Cryptic Tweets are becoming…

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IGN’s Review Revamp Still Won’t Buy Any Credibility in The New Decade

IGN is switching to a “simplified” 10-point system for game reviews. That doesn’t matter when the publication’s review standards are fundamentally broken. The website hasn’t given its readers any reason to trust its reviews. IGN is changing up its review scores in a major way. The gaming publication will be removing the 100-point decimal system from its reviews in favor of a 10-point scale. Who cares? It’s still IGN. At this point, anyone reading the website for its game reviews is doing themselves a disservice. The review scores coming out…

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Death Stranding Fortnite Gaming Sekiro 

Let’s Ring in 2020 by Arguing About 2019’s Game of the Year

The last year of the decade brought us a stellar array of video games. But which one deserves to be 2019’s Game of the Year? CCN’s gaming writers debate the answer below. At the risk of jumping onto the seasonal bandwagon, the time has come to dish out some approving nods to the best video games to grace our screens this past year. There’s something arbitrary about stamping a single title with the accolade of the best game of the year. After all, when it comes to entertainment – or…

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Gaming Genesis Mini nintendo Op-ed 

Classic Consoles Are Clearly Doing Something Wrong

Classic consoles are popular products that come with pre-installed games from previous console generations. The Genesis Mini was released back in September and has already been hacked so that more games can be added. Companies need to just add these features by default. Classic consoles are all the rage right now. After Nintendo busted out the NES and SNES classic, Sony took a swing at the concept as well. Even if the PlayStation classic had its issues, that didn’t stop Sega from following suit. Each of these consoles also suffers…

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Download Insanely-Fun Platformer Celeste for Free at the Epic Games Store Today

Celeste is available for free today. Epic Games Store is giving platformer away as part of a 12-day giveaway. Pick it up before 11 am ET tomorrow. Today, Celeste is available for free as part of the Epic Games Store 12-day festive giveaway bonanza. The whole affair is designed to lure players in with free games, but who’s complaining? Celeste is one heck of a game to pay zero dollars for regardless of the intent. Download Celeste for Free Right Now Celeste asks players to climb the eponymous Celeste mountain…

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Gaming Nintendo Switch Op-ed 

Nintendo Switch Still Doesn’t Have Achievements. Here’s Why That’s Great

Nintendo Switch is the only major console that still doesn’t offer achievements. That’s due to Google Stadia joining in on the terrible achievements practice. It’s great that Nintendo doesn’t offer achievements on the Switch. With Google Stadia adding achievements to it’s streaming service, the Nintendo Switch is now the single holdout to not embrace the practice. That’s great since achievements are stupid anyway. Put down the pitchforks and hear me out. There are plenty of reasons that achievements are completely worthless. Easy achievements undercut the idea of achieving anything. |…

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Atari Gaming Op-ed 

Is the Atari VCS Doomed to Fail?

Atari joined the classic consoles race with the VCS announced back in June 2017. The project has been hit with some ups and downs. It seems like the VCS may be doomed to fail like so many other crowdfunded games consoles. Mini-retro consoles are pretty damn popular these days. Nintendo is doing it, PlayStation is doing it. Recently even Sega has had a go. Now it seems like grandpa wants to join. Atari decided back in June of 2017 that it wanted to create new hardware called the Atari VCS….

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This Gamer’s Massive Minecraft City Build is an Incredible 5-Year Effort

One gamer created a big map over five years with skyscrapers, highways, and railways on Minecraft. Upon the release of RTX by Microsoft and Nvidia, the game will become even more realistic. It will establish a better environment for gamers on Minecraft, as it faces completion from Roblox. On the Gaming Subreddit (/r/gaming), one gamer that goes with the username “hauloff” shared a Minecraft build that was built over the span of five years. Within six hours, the post received nearly 18,000 thumbs up on Reddit. The gamer said: Spent…

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CD Projekt Red Gaming The Witcher 

CD Projekt Settles Dispute With The Witcher Author Andrzej Sapkowski

CD Projekt announces a signed agreement with Andrzej Sapkowski. Signals an end to royalty dispute between the two. CD Projekt retains reputation as gaming’s good guy. In a news day dominated by hot takes on the freshly launched Netflix TV show, developer of The Witcher video games, CD Projekt, reveals it has solidified its relationship with the author of The Witcher books, Andrzej Sapkowski. CD Projekt and Andrzej Sapkowski Reach An Agreement A corporate press release from CD Projekt details an agreement signed by both parties. It reads: CD PROJEKT,…

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January’s Free Xbox Giveaway Has a Fantastic Game You’ve Never Played

Xbox’s Games for Gold in January is an impressive list of titles. One of the games on the list, Styx: Shards of Darkness, is an underappreciated gem of a stealth game. Here is why you should seriously consider giving the game a go this coming new year. Xbox has recently revealed the list of games coming to Games with Gold this January. It’s a pretty impressive list, including Batman: The Telltale Series and Tekken 6. But, there is one game on that list which most people haven’t played. In fact,…

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