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Gold Price Poised for 16% Yearly Gain as Real Interest Rates Plunge

Despite a quarter-long correction, gold’s price is tracking yearly gains of around 16%. The primary driver for gold’s bull market continues to be real interest rates. 2019’s major macro trends are set to continue next year. The price of gold has languished for the better part of four months, as technical resistance and the return of risk appetite undercut demand for the traditional haven asset. But if 2020 is anything like this past year, bullion’s breakout performance is set to continue. As I’ve written before, the key to gold’s continued…

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The Ultra-Rich Are Hoarding Gold in Secret Bunkers Fearing an Apocalpyse

Gold prices have soared this year. Physical gold demand has risen impressively and could drive more price upside. The super-rich, who are known to make secret bunkers for the apocalypse, seem to be stashing gold. The price of gold has been on a roll this year. The yellow metal has rallied at a greater pace than the stock market in the past year, which isn’t surprising as investors have been putting their money into equities instead of gold to protect their capital. Gold prices have appreciated at a faster pace…

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Bitcoin Is Up More YTD Than Gold Is in Last Decade: Pomp

Bitcoin maximalist Anthony Pompliano claims he will never bail out of his long positions. Gold cheerleader Peter Schiff likens this to a Titanic captain – loyal but misguided. Even with its recent price plunge, bitcoin is still massively outperforming gold. At What Point Will Bitcoin Maximalists Capitulate? Peter Schiff never passes up a good opportunity to roast bitcoiners. The flagship cryptocurrency’s unexpected decline in the second half of this year has not gone unnoticed for (arguably) gold’s biggest cheerleader. But maximalists like Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital are…

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3 Reasons Gold Price Lost Shine to Fall 4% in Glum November Plunge

Gold has dropped by 4.28% in a month, a large drop in a short period for the asset. Major markets including India and China have shown significant decrease in demand in the 3rd quarter. Citibank has cut its short term target for the precious metal to sub-$1,500. Since November 1, the gold price has declined from $1516 to $1451, by more than 4.28%. Charts of larger time frames show a local top-like structure, which could lead to a deeper pullback. The appetite for gold and low-risk safe haven assets has…

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Who Would Win Bitcoin vs. Gold Matchup?

MMA fighter and crypto aficionado Ben Askren has poured fuel onto the flames of the ever-raging argument between bitcoin and gold. Askren recently created a Twitter poll asking one simple question: If you were given $10,000 gift that you couldn’t touch for a decade, what would you rather the gift in – gold, bitcoin, or U.S. Treasury bonds?  Surprisingly, the results came in nearly exactly apportioned, with bitcoin gaining 50%, gold 41%, and, perhaps more predictably, U.S. Treasury bonds with a lowly 9% of the vote. Ben Askren pits BTC,…

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Trump Ups the Ante on China While Bitcoin & Gold Shine Bright

As Charles Schwab’s Liz Ann Sonders points out, this rift between President Trump and China is no longer just a “skirmish.”  | Source: Shutterstock By CCN Markets: China had to see this one coming. After China President Xi Jinping revealed his intentions to slap fresh tariffs on $75 billion in U.S. goods, President Trump raised the stakes, revealing in a tweetstorm that two could play that game. He decided to increase the tariff rate on $250 billion worth of Chinese goods to 30 percent from 25 percent. In addition, whatever…

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Iran Punks Trump With Historic Gold-Backed Crypto Scheme

Days after President Trump slammed bitcoin and the very idea of crypto, geopolitical foe Iran revealed that it is ready to unveil its own gold-backed cryptocurrency. Gold held in reserve by the Middle East country’s central bank will back the value of tokens on the blockchain of Iran’s new central bank “cryptocurrency” – which might be a generous term. The crypto will be mined by a small consortium of private Iranian tech companies. The move could further complicate tensions between the oil-rich country and the United States. News of the…

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Should Bitcoin Bulls Fear Gold’s Unexpected Rally?

Gold has been rallying alongside bitcoin the past few months, and with this move in gold, there has been an increase in traffic at precious metals sellers as consumers unload expensive watches and precious metals. What does this signify for bitcoin, if anything? Why the Gold Rally? The gold and Bitcoin prices have both rallied in 2019. | Source: TradingView Pawnshops have existed for centuries. Stores that specialize in buying gold cropped up during the financial crisis. With unemployment soaring and gold pushing $2,000 per ounce, citizens across the country…

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Bitcoin Users Unaffected as NASA Targets Infinite Amount of Gold

An easy argument against the “limited supply” trope around gold is simply that we don’t know how much is out in the universe. CEO of gold ETF company, not a fan of bitcoin https://t.co/18nXYtNMFL — Barry Silbert (@barrysilbert) June 29, 2019 Precious Metal Supply: Not Limited After All NASA reportedly just uncovered a vast gold rock with enough of the stuff to make everyone billionaires at current prices. Of course, this much gold would drop the price. This is an episode, of course, which could never happen in Bitcoin. But…

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Trade Bitcoin? Here’s Why You Absolutely Need to Also Buy Gold

Published: 23/06/2019 13:13 ET. Journalist: By CCN Markets: Trading bitcoin comes with an extremely high degree of risk because of its volatility. Other than technical analysis, which can assist in finding buy and sell points, crypto traders are beholden to the whims of other traders. This is particularly true for bitcoin because its value isn’t tied to any asset, which would give it some framework for intrinsic value. Traders are making decisions based on what they think someone else believes bitcoin to be worth in a specific moment, which is…

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