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Elon Musk’s Days as Tesla CEO Could Be Numbered: JPMorgan Analyst

Elon Musk is the tech billionaire that many people from Wall Street to Hollywood (e.g., Johnny Depp) love to hate. At a time when investors should be celebrating the Tesla CEO for the release of the Model Y, an electric SUV crossover, analysts are instead pouncing on Musk and TSLA shares amid renewed regulatory and key man fears, among other things. JPMorgan strategists and analysts are targeting Musk and Tesla in recent reports considering the stock continues to trade on headwinds rather than tailwinds, suggesting there is more volatility ahead….

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Florida Teens Planned Dark Web Terrorist Attack at Jacksonville School

Grant Shirley, 17 and Matthew Guey, 15, have been arrested following a plot to create a napalm bomb which was allegedly to be used to kill or maim classmates at a Jacksonville private school campus. One of the teenagers reportedly accessed the dark web to research how to create a firebomb that would cause severe burns as well as death, causing flaming material to stick to the skin and flesh of victims as it burned. Fistfight Led to Arrest at Jacksonville School Join CCN for $19.99 per month and get…

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Facebook’s Catastrophic Blackout Could Cost $90 Million in Lost Revenue

Facebook suffered its worst-ever outage on Wednesday 13th March. The downtime, which also hit related products Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, lasted for at least 14 hours. The blackout hit millions of users across the globe and caused Facebook stock to tumble 2 percent in after-hours trading. Every minute that Facebook is offline costs an enormous amount of money. By extrapolating from the company’s 2018 revenue figures, we can estimate that yesterday’s blackout could cost Facebook up to $90 million in lost revenue. We’re aware that some people are currently having…

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Nancy Pelosi Would Fail Spectacularly if She Tried to Impeach Donald Trump

In an explosive interview with The Washington Post, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she won’t move to impeach Donald Trump. Despite calling Trump “unfit” to be president, she said impeachment is too divisive and Trump is “not worth it.” But the real reason she won’t impeach Trump is that she’d fail spectacularly. Pelosi needs bipartisan support to oust the president, and she doesn’t have it. Not even close. The inevitable failure would be catastrophic for the Democrats going into the 2020 election. And it would only strengthen Trump’s re-election campaign….

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Italy’s Right-Wing Just Introduced a ‘Citizens’ Income’

As Fox News and right-wing talking heads rail against AOC and the largely invented and self-serving rise of socialism that they want to claim is jeopardizing the American way of life, in Italy a new ‘citizens’ income’ has been introduced that provides a safety net for the poor. What is the Citizens’ Income? The citizens’ income is a cornerstone initiative of Italy’s Five Star Movement (M5S) which provides the country’s poorest citizens with a safety net that is intended to stop them from falling below the poverty line. Those who…

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Huawei CFO Sues Canada for Arrest, Hints at US Scheme in Lawsuit

Lawyers for Meng Wanzhou, CFO of China tech superpower Huawei, are suing the Canadian government for breaching her constitutional rights. A new page was turned in the ongoing war between Huawei and the US and Canadian governments on Monday when lawyers for Meng Wanzhou announced that they are suing Canda. This is the latest development in what looks like being a long-battle between one of  China’s biggest companies and the two North American governments. WHAT EXACTLY IS SHE SUING CANADA FOR? Ms. Meng’s lawsuit was filed in British Columbia’s Supreme…

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Apple is Shunning Hardware to Stealthily Turn into a Software Company

Companies have always needed to adapt to changes in their industries to maintain- or increase- profitability. Hundreds of case studies have shown this to be a recipe for success. Now, it seems that Apple is looking to make slight alterations to its operation in a bid to keep up with challenging times. Data published by Thinknum, a research firm that monitors company changes based on their websites, revealed that for a few months now, the tech giant has been actively recruiting more software specialists than hardware professionals. The research company discovered…

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George Soros Offered Me $5 Million to ‘Pump Bitcoin’

Alex Jones made his triumphant return to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently, where he discussed Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and his arch-nemesis, George Soros, among other things. Jones suggested that Soros had reached out to him via intermediaries in an attempt to cool the Infowars founder’s constant attacks on him. Part of the deal, according to Jones, meant agreeing to advertise, or in Jones’ words, ‘pump’ Bitcoin. ALEX JONES OFFERED MILLIONS TO PUMP BITCOIN PRICE On episode #1255 of the Joe Rogan Experience, Alex Jones told his host: “I got told…

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Top 10 Stocks US Hedge Funds Absolutely Love in 2019

Top hedge fund managers weren’t scared away from the popular FAANG stocks during a dreadful Q4 for the U.S. stock market. Facebook (FB), Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), and Alphabet (GOOGL) are among the 20 stocks most favored by a select group of over 400 large hedge funds analyzed by WalletHub. Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet are in the top five on WalletHub’s list for the second straight quarter. All three stocks have gains of at least 400% over the past decade. Facebook jumps into the top 5 after Mark…

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US Sanctions Squeezes Russia’s 3rd Biggest Bank into Freezing Venezuela Oil Firm’s Accounts

Russia’s third-biggest bank by assets Gazprombank has elected to freeze the bank accounts belonging to Venezuelan state oil firm Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), Reuters reports. Citing sources, the report indicated that the state-owned lender did so to lower its risks of coming under U.S. sanctions. Alongside China, Iran, Turkey and other countries, Russia is one of the strongest supporters of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. Last month when Venezuela’s National Assembly head, Juan Guaido, declared himself interim president the four voiced their support for Maduro. This was contrary to the…

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