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Dow Blazes While U.S. Housing Market Data Surge to Pre-Recession Levels

The Dow sped toward a weekly gain of more than 500 points. A key U.S. housing market metric surged to its highest level since before the financial crisis. Recession hawks say the “next housing market crash” won’t involve mortgages at all. The Dow capped a spectacular week with a final bounce on Friday, as U.S. homebuilding activity surged to its highest level since the housing market crash. With Wall Street sentiment succumbing to “extreme greed” and more tax cuts potentially on the way, investors don’t appear worried that the growing…

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Donald Trump Market News Opinion Peter Schiff 

Record-Breaking U.S. Economy Has A Massive Recession Deficit – Here’s Why

A soaring U.S. budget deficit is proof the economy is not well, the chief global strategist of a major investment broker warned this week. He predicted the Great Recession in multiple cable news appearances from 2006 – 2007 when others were wildly bullish. Even if all is well, for now, wild deficit growth during economic expansion leaves less room for fiscal stimulus if a recession does strike. The U.S. economy is aiming to extend a stunning record-long decade of expansion into the eleventh year. Markets see plenty of reasons to…

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Airbus Boeing Donald Trump Market News Op-ed 

Why Boeing Desperately Needs Donald Trump to Win the 2020 Presidential Election

A record-high U.S. defense budget could turn out to be Boeing’s saving grace as problems mount. For that to continue, the company is relying on a second term for President Trump. Boeing is also benefiting from Trump’s negotiation with China. Almost one year after Boeing (NYSE:BA) grounded its ill-fated 737 MAX series of narrow-body planes, the consequences are continuing to be felt. On Tuesday, Boeing disclosed that jetliner deliveries fell to a 14-year low in 2019. This was a drop of about 53% from 2018. New orders for commercial jets…

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Elon Musk Grimes Market News Tesla 

Tesla Shorts’ $8 Billion Loss Supercharges Elon Musk With $4 Billion

Since mid-last year, Tesla’s stock is up by nearly three times raising the market cap to close to $100 billion. In 2020 the stock is up nearly 30%, boosting Elon Musk’s wealth by over $4 billion. New models and expansion into China could boost Tesla even further. Since his musician girlfriend Grimes teased a baby bump, Elon Musk has another bump to report too – a wealth bump. Fifteen days into 2020, the Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO’s stake in the electric car maker has swelled by an average of $250 million…

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china Donald Trump Dow Jones Market News 

Dow Reverses Sharply After Trump Tariff News Rocks Stock Market

An unexpected report on U.S. tariffs smacked the Dow off its record high above 29,000. The outlook for U.S.-China trade negotiations suddenly looks less clear on the eve of the “phase one” signing ceremony. A soft CPI release hints at a worrying trend in U.S. macro data. The Dow Jones shot to a record high above 29,000 on Tuesday, fueled by a strong rally in Boeing (NYSE: BA). But the rally failed to hold after a report that tariffs on China will remain throughout the 2020 election hammered the stock…

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Beyond Meat Business News Market News snoop dogg 

Snoop Dogg Lifts Beyond Meat (BYND) as Shorts Target the Surging Stock

Beyond Meat has staged a massive rally in 2020 as the inevitability of plant-based meats sinks in. A global expansion plan could further consolidate BYND’s lead. Plant-based meats could eat up over 10% of regular meat sales. Beyond Meat’s (NASDAQ: BYND) recovery from its post-IPO crash seems to be well underway. On Monday, the stock went up by nearly 20% to hit a three-month high. Beyond Meat stock is soaring in 2020. | Source: TradingView This coincided with restaurant chain Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc (NASDAQ: DNKN) announcing that rapper Snoop…

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David Rosenberg federal reserve Market News Opinion 

The Next Recession Won’t Be Triggered by a Housing Market Crash: Economist

Famed economist and global financial market consultant David Rosenberg expects household debt to spark the next recession. Terrifying consumer credit and auto loan data are a colossal debt bubble in plain sight. They’re on the verge of crashing the economy. $16 trillion in household debt and soaring auto debt puts Americans in a precarious position to weather headwinds and shocks. David Rosenberg’s Twitter feed was full of some positively scary data this week. He says we’re in a consumer bubble, and it’s “too late” to stop an impending recession. The…

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Boeing Dow Jones Jim Cramer Market News 

Dow Sags as Cramer Shreds Boeing for Wild ‘Clowns & Monkeys’ Memo

The Dow briefly touched 29,000 before dropping from record highs. Boeing was once again a problem for the DJIA, and Jim Cramer roasted the company over the shocking memos being reviewed by the FAA. An average jobs report reinforced Nordea’s view that the Federal Reserve will have to cut rates in 2020. The Dow Jones retreated from the historic level 29,000 as Boeing (NYSE: BA) stock tumbled on Friday afternoon. Boeing earned an aggressive rebuke from CNBC’s influential “Mad Money” host, Jim Cramer, who called himself a “clown” for ever…

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aurora cannabis Business News cannabis Canopy Growth Market News Opinion 

Millennials’ Favorite Stock Market Fad Lost a Staggering $13 Billion in 2019

Marijuana stocks were smoking hot with millennials in 2019. But the industry-wide bear market for cannabis last year harshed the buzz. Here’s how much pot stocks lost, and why the industry is struggling. In a landmark year for the stock market, four of the five biggest marijuana stocks by market cap woefully underperformed in 2019. That’s bad news for millennials. They apparently went with the “invest in what you know” approach – and got burned. Investing app Robinhood boasts over 10 million users with an average age of 32. So…

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Brexit germany Market News 

5 Big Things to Expect From Stocks in 2020

2019 was a great year for stocks. 2020 will start well as the dollar bull returns. Bargain hunt a late year recovery. There is no question that 2019 was a great year for stocks.  With the U.S. economy holding together despite a slowing global environment U.S. equities came off 2018’s near meltdown with a massive rally the last 12 months. The NASDAQ up 37.9%, led by Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) astounding performance (up 89.6%), beat the other major U.S. equity indices, the Dow Jones Industrials (+23.8%) and the broader S&P 500 (+30.4%)….

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