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Why Google Stadia & Microsoft xCloud Will Be Dead on Arrival

Video game streaming is all the rage, but there are two simple reasons services like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud will fail. | Source: Casey Rodgers / Invision for Xbox / AP By CCN Markets: In the last 12 months, major technology companies have rushed to dive into video game streaming. Microsoft’s Project xCloud is in testing, Google Stadia launches in November, and Samsung just unveiled the PlayGalaxy Link. Sony has PlayStation Now, and Amazon is rumored to be entering the fray too. Two Reasons Game Streaming Services Will Fail…

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Microsoft’s Blockchain Obsession, Including ID Push, Is Good for Bitcoin

By CCN: Does Microsoft consider blockchain to be the strongest technology in the world? Who knows, but they sure seem to recognize its growing mainstream status and view it as a potential moneymaker. The company recently announced that it would be building a decentralized identity (DID) network on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, the oldest and arguably most trusted blockchain within the space. The network will be built in accordance with standards set by the Decentralized Identity Foundation, which Microsoft claims can overpower the “throughput issues” commonly witnessed on the…

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10 Days of Ethereum Price MOON

By Things are suddenly looking a lot rosier for Ethereum after a fruitful ten days in which it was courted by Elon Musk, welcomed by futures regulators, and integrated on Microsoft Azure. Markets responded positively to the increased attention on the No.2 cryptocurrency, sending the ETH price on a 17.5% surge which continues at the time of writing. Elon Musk: The Tweet That Launched a Thousand Ether It began with a tweet. When Elon Musk sent out a one word comment on April 29th, it sparked the beginning of…

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