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Odell Beckham Jr. Butt Slap Arrest Warrant Exposes a Broken Justice System

New Orleans police issued an arrest warrant for Odell Beckham Jr. His crime? The infamous “butt slap” after LSU’s national championship victory this week. This is all the proof you need to see that the U.S. Justice System is broken. According to, New Orleans police have issued an arrest warrant for Odell Beckham Jr. for slapping a police officer on the behind. Footage shows OBJ slapping the officer in the LSU locker room after their national championship victory Monday night. It’s clearly a violation of the officer’s rights, and…

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antonio brown Chad Johnson NFL Op-ed Sports News XFL 

Chad Johnson’s Workout Could Persuade Antonio Brown to Rethink the XFL

With each passing Twitter tirade and domestic incident, Antonio Brown’s shot at returning to the NFL gets smaller. But if he could prove he can still play and is capable of behaving in the XFL, maybe the NFL gives him another shot. It might work for former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson. So, why not him? Back in his day, Chad Johnson was one of the best wide receivers in the game. But as the Bengals went downhill, so did his career. While he did move on to another team,…

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Mike Vrabel NFL Sports News Super Bowl Tennessee Titans 

Mike Vrabel May Not Be as Eager to Win the Super Bowl as You’d Think

With a win over the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday night, Mike Vrabel has the Tennessee Titans within a game of the Super Bowl. Should the Titans get there and win, Vrabel is going to get continuously reminded about something he said he would do to win a Super Bowl. It’s not something any guy is ever willing to do. But it is something jilted significant others like to threaten to do. The ultimate goal for anyone playing, coaching, or otherwise associated with an NFL team is to win the Super…

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Julian Edelman New England Patriots NFL Op-ed Sports News 

Is Patriots WR Julian Edelman Starting to Become a Diva?

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman usually is playing in the AFC title game at this time of year. But after losing last week to the Titans, he has some free time on his hands. Saturday night, he used some of that free time to hang out with Danny Amendola and Paul Pierce at a Mexican restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif. During the night, for no known reason, he decided to jump onto the hood of someone’s Mercedes—and got arrested. Typically, at this time of year, when the name of Patriots…

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antonio brown NFL Op-ed Sports News 

The ‘Antonio Brown Curse’ Is 100% Real – But Not for the Reason AB Thinks

Antonio Brown has been associated with five teams this year—the Steelers, Raiders, Bills, Patriots, and Saints. All have been eliminated or failed to make the playoffs, which he chalks up to the “Antonio Brown Curse.” That curse is real, but not for the reason he thinks. Antonio Brown needs to face a few uncomfortable facts if he wants to salvage his NFL career. Chief among these is that football people – fans, players, coaches, and even executives – are a superstitious lot. One thing they do not like is anything…

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doug marrone Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Op-ed Sports 

3 Steps to Save the Jaguars amid Rumors of Possible Head Coach Shakeup

Head coach Doug Marrone is on the hot seat. If he is indeed fired next week, the new coach will need to make serious changes. Here are three crucial moves to fix the team. On Saturday, ESPN reporter Dianna Russini tweeted that the Jacksonville Jaguars will be firing head coach Doug Marrone after Sunday’s game against the Colts. Whether the Jaguars win or lose, they’ll end up with a losing record and miss the playoffs, seemingly sealing Marrone’s fate. However, subsequent reports suggest Marrone isn’t fired just yet: Doug Marrone’s…

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antonio brown new orleans saints NFL Op-ed Sports 

New Orleans Saints Working Out Antonio Brown Is Risky but Genius

Antonio Brown has been dying to get back in the NFL and seems to have his first legitimate chance to do so with the New Orleans Saints. While signing Brown does give the Saints an incredible receiver to line up with Michael Thomas, it also means taking on all the risks that come with Brown. But even if the Saints do sign him, Brown still might not end up playing this season. It has finally happened. For weeks, there have been rumors about teams supposedly having an interest in signing…

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Marshawn Lynch NFL Op-ed seattle seahawks Sports 

This Is What Marshawn Lynch’s Signing Would Mean for the Seahawks

The Seahawks have been ravaged by injuries at running back. Marshawn Lynch is visiting Seattle on Monday. Beast Mode isn’t what he once was, but has plenty left in the tank. Beast Mode is back. Well, almost. As the Seattle Seahawks reel from an injury-ravaged backfield, Marshawn Lynch will meet with team officials on Monday about potentially returning to the NFL. If all goes according to plan, Pete Carroll says there’s “a really good chance” Lynch and the Seahawks will reunite ahead of Sunday’s crucial season finale against the San…

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Chicago Bears kansas city chiefs NFL Op-ed Sports 

Bears Fan’s Patrick Mahomes Jersey Was Perfect Symbol for Sunday’s Nightmare

Patrick Mahomes and Mitch Trubisky faced off on Sunday night. One disgusted Bears fan wore a custom Mahomes jersey to Soldier Field. The third-year quarterbacks gave him exactly what he came for. The Chicago Bears had nothing to play for on Sunday. They were eliminated from playoff contention last week with a loss to the Green Bay Packers, officially ending preseason dreams of a Super Bowl berth that have been slowly fading away for months. But there was a subplot to yesterday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs that added…

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new orleans saints NFL Op-ed Sean Payton Sports 

5 Times Saints Coach Sean Payton Behaved Like a Childish, Spoiled Brat

After losing to the 49ers earlier this season, a local butcher questioned Payton’s play-calling when he saw him at the store. Payton proceeded to snap at the poor fellow. While it was likely in jest, it wasn’t the first time we have seen Sean Payton get a little childish. New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is one of the best in the business. He’s a Super Bowl winner and one of the longest-tenured head coaches in the game. But he can also be a whiny little—well, he can behave…

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