Anheuser-Busch area 51 Op-ed U.S. Business News 

Area 51 Aliens Are Not Behind Anheuser-Busch’s Planned Asset Sales

Anheuser-Busch InBev appears to be considering a sale of some of its assets following its decision to call off the IPO of its Asian business. The decision comes on the heels of scraping its Asia IPO. Still, Anheuser-Busch hasn’t lost its sense of humor. Rather than dwell on the IPO loss, it instead decided to have some fun with its Bud Light brand in regards to the viral “Area 51” story: Screw it. Free Bud Light to any alien that makes it out. — Bud Light (@budlight) July 17,…

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Netflix Op-ed U.S. Market News 

Netflix Stock Implodes, Subscriber Exodus Ignites 12% Plunge

A confluence of negative factors slammed Netflix in the past quarter, resulting in subscriber numbers and other metrics exposing Netflix’s vulnerabilities – and leaving the streaming giant’s stock plunging in after-hours trading. Netflix stock plunged 12% in after-hours trading. | Source: Yahoo Finance Netflix Subscribers Wave Goodbye While earnings-per-share came in at $0.60, four cents above expectations, and revenue was only $10 million short of expectations at $4.92 billion, the subscriber numbers were of grave concern. Domestic paid subscribers actually fell by 126,000, while the expectation was for an increase…

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area 51 Headlines Op-ed Pewdiepie 

Blame PewDiePie When Someone Dies Raiding Area 51

You may or may not know Felix Kjellberg, but if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll probably recognize his pseudonym. Kjellberg, popularly known as PewDiePie, remains one of YouTube’s biggest stars with almost 100 million subscribers. And that’s precisely why his latest antics aren’t just in bad taste – they’re altogether reckless. Consider this. PewDiePie, who reportedly pocketed a cool $15 million in 2018 from YouTube, has faced criticism for making anti-Semitic jokes, and that didn’t do much to deter his popularity. But now he is on a different…

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bitcoin Cryptocurrency News Op-ed Steven Mnuchin 

Treasury Secretary Seals Bitcoin’s Impending Death by a Thousand Cuts

Following Donald Trump’s sudden and mysterious tweets regarding bitcoin last week, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held an unexpected press conference on Monday. He used coded language telegraphing the end of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The Feds Want to Stop Crimes and Stabilize Markets Steven Mnuchin was not lying when he said that the federal government wants to crack down and stop any criminal activity that uses cryptocurrencies for payment. That’s a high priority for the federal government, especially as it relates to terrorism, the drug trade, and money laundering. The United…

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Op-ed Tesla U.S. Business News 

This One Image Destroys Tesla’s Self-Driving Car Fantasy

A two-year-old video of a prankster confusing a self-driving car has gone viral for a second time, and it demonstrates a critical reason why Tesla’s self-driving cars will never become ubiquitous. Going viral once is a big event, but a “recurrent” viral video indicates that something about the content has gripped people in some visceral fashion. In this case, it’s the fact that human ingenuity can fool a self-driving car. It drives home the reason why it seems unlikely that they will ever have mass-market appeal, no matter what company…

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Binance Cryptocurrency News dogecoin Guest Contributor Op-ed 

Binance’s Listing of Dogecoin Makes Waves

Dogecoin (DOGE) first gained attention in crypto when Jackson Palmer, a computer programmer, posted the now infamous Shiba Inu dog with the comment, “Pretty sure it’s the next big thing.” The post went viral and caught the eye of programmer Billy Markus who had been working on his own cryptocurrency. Thinking dogecoin could be more than a joke, he teamed up with Palmer to develop the dogecoin cryptocurrency. It bears a similar structure to Bitcoin with a limited coin supply and POW block validation. Despite the original sarcasm behind its…

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Gaming google Op-ed Stadia 

Google Stadia Heralds Console Apocalypse as 4,000 Devs Clamor to Join

If there was any doubt that Google Stadia had the ammunition to single-handedly upend the gaming industry and end the video game console as we know it, they should be laid to rest. More than 4,000 developers have registered their interest to sign up to the Stadia Partners scheme with an eye on releasing games for the upcoming streaming platform. As reported by PC Games Insider, Stadia technical account manager Sam Corcoran took to the stage to share the news during the Develop:Brighton conference held this week in the UK….

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bitcoin Cryptocurrency News Ivanka Trump Op-ed 

Why Ivanka Is the Ticket to Influencing Trump on Bitcoin

If there’s one person who has been by Donald Trump’s side throughout much of his life, it’s his daughter, Ivanka. From being a judge on his hit series The Apprentice to serving as an advisor to her father in the White House, Ivanka seems to have the president wrapped around her finger. One of Ivanka’s key areas of focus is entrepreneurship, which is probably the group that stands to lose the most in an anti-crypto environment in the U.S. While bitcoin doesn’t need Trump’s approval to exist, a crypto-friendly approach…

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Blockstack Cryptocurrency News facebook Libra Op-ed 

Blockstack CEO ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ on Facebook’s Libra

Blockstack is having a big day today, launching the world’s maiden regulated token sale. So far, the deal appears to be a resounding success, with CoinList “experiencing heavy load” and “adding more server capacity.” Muneeb Ali, Blockstack CEO and Co-Founder, doesn’t seem to mind sharing the spotlight with another hot crypto-related project – Facebook’s Libra. While the crypto community has had a mixed response to Libra, Ali is willing to go out on a limb for them despite the obvious privacy issues plaguing Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Ali is focused on…

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Disney Netflix Op-ed U.S. Business News 

Netflix Stock Is a Sell Because Competition Will Send It to an Early Grave

As more players in the streaming content world enter the market, life is getting increasingly difficult for Netflix. Following its merger with AT&T, Warner Bros. will launch WarnerMedia’s streaming service called HBO Max next year. It will include the hit series “Friends,” which will be pulled from Netflix. This follows Netflix losing “The Office” back to NBCUniversal last month. The Netflix Ticking Time Bomb The bad news is piling up for Netflix because soon every studio will have its own streaming service. Eventually, in order to access both original and…

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