Donald Trump Matt Bevin Op-ed Politics Roy Moore 

More Trump Derangement in Media Coverage of Kentucky Election

Republican Matt Bevin loses Kentucky governorship to Democratic challenger Andy Beshear. Trump’s effort to boost unpopular Republican state leader is being twisted by the media again. Despite what mainstream media has to say, Tuesday’s election was not about Trump; it was about Bevin’s shortcomings as Governor. The Kentucky election result is all on Governor Matt Bevin, despite Trump’s best efforts to boost the unpopular Republican state leader. After Bevin’s narrow loss to Democratic challenger Andy Beshear Tuesday, the mainstream national press has taken to one of its favorite pastimes. That…

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Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Op-ed Politics rand paul 

Trump Got No Money From Ukraine, Clinton Got $25M From Saudis

As the Trump impeachment inquiry enters its next phase, GOP Senators will argue that there was a quid pro quo in the notorious phone call with Ukraine’s president, but it was not illegal. It’s the same argument Hillary Clinton supporters used to defend the Clinton Foundation’s contributions from foreign governments. The Clinton 2020 rumor mill is gathering steam: A Fox News poll show Hillary beating Trump in a 2020 rematch. The House Democrats’ push to impeach Donald Trump is moving fast. Late last month Democrats published the full text of…

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ghostbusters new york jets NFL Op-ed sam darnold Sports 

It’s Time to Call Bill Murray & the Boys

Halloween’s over, but Sam Darnold’s “seeing ghosts” confession continues to haunt him. Judging by his performance in the games that have followed, it doesn’t look like Darnold’s specters have vanished. So, New York Jets fans, who you gonna call? There was hope for the New York Jets and especially their young quarterback, Sam Darnold, entering the 2019 season. That hope flew out the window when Darnold went down with mono. But then Darnold returned and led the team to an unexpected win over the Dallas Cowboys. So, all is right…

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Donald Trump Joe Biden Op-ed Politics Ronald Reagan 

Landslide Trump? Why 2020 Looks Like 1984

Former Vice President Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump in a hypothetical 2020 general election by comfortably wide margins in the polls. In 1983, former Vice President Walter Mondale was also besting sitting President Ronald Reagan by wide margins in the polls. He went on, however, to the worst electoral defeat for any Democratic presidential candidate in history. Mondale’s campaign alienated middle class, blue collar workers in the North and Midwest. Joe Biden seems determined to follow the same path to election defeat. Just yesterday Nancy Pelosi warned the…

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bitcoin Bitcoin Business bitmain Cryptocurrency News Op-ed 

Bitmain’s US IPO Plans Could Go Up in Smoke

Bitmain, a leading bitcoin miner, has repoortedly secretly filed for an IPO that is sponsored by Deutsche Bank, a German multinational company. | Reuters/Dado Ruvic Bitmain, a leading bitcoin miner, has secretly filed for an IPO that is sponsored by Deutsche Bank, a German multinational company, as reported by Tencent News. The company has been struggling to bounce back since crypto winter. The black swan event dampened demand for cryptocurrency mining machines, causing profitability to plummet. The reported secret filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will help…

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golden state warriors nba Op-ed Sports stephen curry 

How Stephen Curry’s Injury Could Help Launch the Next Warriors Dynasty

Stephen Curry will be sidelined indefinitely with a hand injury. After losing multiple championships due to devastating injuries, this one came at the best possible time for the Warriors. Curry’s injury could be the catalyst for the creation of a new Warriors dynasty. The Golden State Warriors won 322 regular-season games from 2014-15 to 2018-19, the most in NBA history over any five-year span. They played in the NBA Finals each of those seasons, joining Bill Russell’s Boston Celtics as the only teams to play for a championship five years…

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Death Stranding Gaming Hideo Kojima Op-ed PlayStation 4 

Will Death Stranding’s Stunning PC News Threaten PlayStation 4 Sales?

In a stunning announcement, Hideo Kojima revealed Death Stranding would come to PC in early summer 2020. Some Sony fans aren’t happy about the game abandoning PlayStation 4 exclusivity. It’s also possible that this early announcement could harm sales of the game on PS4. Early this morning, the news dropped that Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding will be coming to PC in summer 2020. Gamers now know that they no longer need a PlayStation 4 to experience the game. There’s been some adverse reaction to the announcement from PlayStation 4 fans….

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Market News Op-ed United States US Treasury Bond 

The U.S. Yield Curve Tells Us That a Devastating Recession Is Unavoidable

U.S. government debt yields have risen over the past two months, correcting a frightful inversion between the 2-year and 10-year Treasury notes that sparked concerns of an imminent recession. Just because the so-called ‘recession indicator’ is correcting itself, don’t be fooled into thinking the dangers have gone away. As a matter of fact, the Treasury yield curve is behaving exactly as it would just before recession hits. Complacency in Washington and a series of rate cuts by the Federal Reserve only strengthen the case that a severe downturn is just…

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Capcom Dead IP Gaming Op-ed 

5 Dead Video Game IPs Capcom Needs to Revive Immediately

The recent Capcom Integrated Report reveals that it wants to revive more of its dead IPs. The company’s 40-year history of making video games means that it has a wealth of options to chose from. Plus, it has plenty of genres that could appeal to a large number of gamers. 1. Dino Crisis A revival of the Dino Crisis franchise only makes sense for Capcom. Its ties to the Resident Evil series are strong, and the recent remake of “Resident Evil 2” provides Capcom with the perfect groundwork for a…

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Elizabeth Warren Joe Biden Op-ed pete buttigieg Politics 

Pete Buttigieg’s Lurch to the Center Reeks of Hypocrisy

Two months before officially announcing his presidential campaign, Pete Buttigieg appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, selling himself as a generational and transformational presence in national politics. Not only could Buttigieg, 37, drive turnout among millennials, still the Democratic party’s most untapped base of likely supporters, but the mayor of South Bend would bring a movement of cross-sectional voters along with him, too, refusing to kowtow to establishment fears while pushing for an aspirational brand of progressive populism. “I think today we’re negotiating the tensions between democracy and capitalism. I’m committed…

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