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U.S. Army Promotes Toddler in Army Helmet singing “the Army Song”

By CCN Markets: The U.S. Army Twitter account got some mixed reactions from an adorable, but questionable video upload Saturday. The Army’s official Twitter posted a video of a toddler, too young to pronounce a single word correctly, singing “the Army song.” Some of the Twitterati found the video to be totes adorbs. Others questioned whether it promoted violence and war propaganda to children and minors. Ugandan Warlord Joseph Kony was the controversial subject of a viral 2012 video documentary for raising an army of child soldiers. Photo: Stuart Price/AP…

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Bitcoin to Surpass $10,000 in June Because of Facebook

By CCN Markets: Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has made a bold prediction. He believes that the price of bitcoin will surpass $10,000 by June 21, marking the beginning of what he’s dubbed “crypto summer.” He points to Facebook’s Libra launch as the catalyst for the bullish outlook. The Circle CEO predicts crypto summer is near. | Source: Twitter His prediction doesn’t seem far-fetched considering the price of bitcoin is marching toward $9,000. The price of bitcoin is nearing $9,000 but Jeremy Allaire believes that $10,000 is just days away. |…

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Ethereum to Skyrocket by 70 Percent Against Bitcoin, Predicts Analyst

By CCN Markets: On May 21, a pseudonymous cryptocurrency technical analyst named “Rampage” posted on Twitter that ETH/BTC is about ready to catch up to ETH/USD. In a tweet, the attached an image in which the price action of two markets is overlaid in a single chart. The analyst predicts that Ethereum will move higher against bitcoin and follow the price action of its USD counterpart: Looks like it’s time for $ETH| $BTC to catch up to $ETH| $USD pic.twitter.com/3KDafuWYCG — 𝓡𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓪𝓰𝓮 🦍 (@Thrillmex) May 21, 2019 We’re covering this…

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Morgan Stanley Cries Wolf on ‘June Gloom’ Economic Recession Flare

By CCN Markets:  Morgan Stanley economist Ellen Zentner told clients today that June may be a rough month in the economy, going so far as to suggest “June Gloom” is looming. This comes on top of a similar warning two weeks ago from the very same Wall Street firm. The latest research note reportedly states: “The decline shows a sharp deterioration in sentiment this month that was broad-based across sectors.” Zentner is often solid on many things. On the most recent note, however, she’s off base. Morgan Stanley is relying on…

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Tesla’s Stock Could Follow in Footsteps of a High-Flying Tech Play: Analyst

By CCN Markets: On CNBC, analyst Eddie Yoon of a think tank called “EddieWouldGrow” overlaid a chart of Netflix from 2011-13 onto Tesla’s chart since January. Will Tesla behave like Netflix? | Source: CNBC Gosh, those charts look so similar. Maybe Tesla’s stock will do the same thing as Netflix’s stock and make a huge comeback. Unfortunately, that’s not how it usually works. Cherry-Picking Chart Patterns There are tens of thousands of stock charts going back more than a century. It’s easy to cherry pick any given portion of any given…

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Dem Hopeful Andrew Yang Slams Amazon in Viral Maher Clip

By CCN Markets: Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang appeared on the Bill Maher show over the weekend. He discussed his Universal Basic Income (UBI) plan in detail, suggesting that big tech companies including Amazon could foot the bill. The clip is taking off, with more than 300,000 YouTube views already: Yang has been promoting giving Americans money by taxing big tech companies. With the Department of Justice launching antitrust actions against Google and other tech titans, Yang’s platform looks increasingly relevant to investors as bipartisan support for a tech crackdown builds….

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The Most Insane $1 Million and Beyond Bitcoin Price Predictions

By CCN: Bitcoin price predictions are a dime a dozen. They can go anywhere from zero to over a million dollars. Some bettors like John McAfee are so confident that they are ready to go through absurd lengths (such as consuming their own member) to show their conviction. Do these crazy predictions hold ground? We scoured the web and discovered that John McAfee is not alone in his prediction that the king of cryptocurrencies will reach a million dollar valuation. Here are the most insane bitcoin predictions bravely shared by reputable…

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Forget Overhyped Billion-Dollar Tech Unicorns, Bitcoin Is the Best Startup Ever

By CCN: 2019 has been the year of the hot tech IPO. Already, Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, and Beyond Meat have headlined the group of new companies coming to market. That’s not all. WeWork, AirBnb, and Slack are among other hot tech companies that are rumored to be listing their shares later this year. Some of the world’s most innovative tech companies were finally an investible proposition for young investors. But there’s a dark side to this tech bonanza. Insiders are cashing out with huge profits while dumping risky, high-priced stock…

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Google Faces Likely Antitrust Probe by the US Dept of Justice: Report

By CCN: Google parent company Alphabet is on the hot seat with the U.S. Department of Justice. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the DOJ is preparing an antitrust investigation into the internet search giant. It’s not the first time Google has been investigated for violating U.S. federal antitrust statutes. It is, however, the first time the DOJ has opened such an inquiry. Google and EU Antitrust Laws In 2016, the EU slapped Google down with a severe $5.1 billion antitrust penalty for requiring Android device makers to issue devices…

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Craig Wright Says Bitcoin Is Going to Zero, Vows to Find Fake Satoshis

By CCN: Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of bitcoin, has anointed himself the new sheriff of Crypto Town. And his first task is to hunt down “fake” Satoshis to prove once and for all that he’s the real deal. Moreover, Wright — who claims Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) is the one, true bitcoin — predicts that BTC will eventually crash to zero. And its proponents will soon choke on the bitter fruit of regret. Wright: I Can Prove I’m Satoshi Nakamoto In a 3,ooo-word follow-up to his recent…

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