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Why Does Crypto Giant Coinbase Keep Shooting Itself in the Foot?

Coinbase is the most popular U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange. The company boasts more accounts than the likes of Charles Schwab. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has the ambitious goal for Coinbase to become the “Google of crypto,” suggesting that its relevance to Web 3.0 could rival that of the internet search giant’s stamp on the early version of the internet. Armstrong himself was named among Fortune’s 40 under 40 list and has influenced Americans for bitcoin. Unfortunately, rather than being celebrated, Coinbase increasingly resembles a victim of its own success. Despite having…

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Texas Weighs Draconian Crypto Rules with Privacy Coins Ban, Mandatory KYC

An untitled bill before the Texas legislature is just ridiculous. House bill 4371, which is less than 500 words long, calls for people to “verify” the identity of senders before receiving cryptocurrency. The bill also introduces to Texas law a difference between “verified” digital currencies and non-verified ones. It specifically seeks to “promote the use of verified identity digital currencies,” though it gives no name to such. What is A Verified Identity Digital Currency and Why is Texas Promoting It? Are they talking about Ripple? We don’t know. Anyone can…

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As the Blockchain Hype Dies, Why Should We Care About Practical TestNets?

The blockchain era has largely been defined by grandiose promises and ambitions, but little to show for it. For most companies, even those that successfully complete ICOs, we usually hear loud guarantees of life-changing and revolutionary technology. In the end, however, these “game-changers” end in the same place most others do, the dustbin of history. Reports of a vast majority of blockchain projects fizzing out or simply vanishing have become common, and those applications still around are forced to shoulder the burden and standard of the industry. In this climate,…

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Federal Reserve Bank Prepared to Study ‘Collapse of the Bitcoin Market’

When the Federal Reserve conducts stress tests to measure risk in the U.S. financial markets, it may study “extraordinary” events like a “collapse in the Bitcoin market.” Indeed, the U.S. central bank has recognized Bitcoin as potentially being a “salient risk” to the market at-large. Since the 2009 Great Recession, the Federal Reserve has been constantly on the prowl for detecting where the next economic meltdown might occur. Congress and the Obama Administration passed the Dodd-Frank Act, which made it a law for the Fed to run these stress tests…

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