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Is This PlayStation 5 Design Patent Leak Accurate? You Decide

Alleged design patent for PlayStation 5 leaks online. Features many similarities to the existing PS4. More than a likely fake. As speculation about Sony’s PlayStation 5 plans gathers steam on an almost daily basis, a new contender has joined the fray. This time around, it’s a leak of the alleged design patent for the final consumer version of the PlayStation 5. Alleged PlayStation 5 Design Patent The images were forwarded to CCN via an anonymous tip, seemingly having surfaced on message board 4chan first. 4chan defines itself by oft-spurious rumors…

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How Sony Could ‘Future-Proof’ the PS5 with One Epic Feature

The PlayStation 5’s 2020 launch is rapidly approaching. The PS5 allegedly boasts six key features that will “future-proof” the console. But there’s only one feature that truly matters. For all the PlayStation 5 (PS5) hype, we don’t really know that much about Sony’s next-gen console. Case in point: At CES 2020, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said that the PS5 would have six key features that make it “future-proof.” Yet we don’t have any clue about what those features are. We can bank on things like backward compatibility, along…

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New Snap of PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Appears Online

New image of PlayStation 5 dev kit appears online. Offers first look at PS5 controller. Unlikely to be the final retail design. We’ve known what the PlayStation 5 dev kit looks like for a few months now. Late summer spawned patent documents registered by Sony before an in-the-flesh image found its way onto the internet in mid-October. The image wasn’t what you’d call well-framed and didn’t give us a good look at the overall design of the unit. PlayStation 5 Dev Kit & First Look at Controller Today, a Twitter…

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Gaming Analyst Paints Wild $800 Price Tag on Sony’s PlayStation 5

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has absolutely dominated the console wars hands down against Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Switch console. The company will be aiming to do the same with its PS5. Sony has reportedly moved 94 million units of the PS4 over the console’s lifetime. The Xbox One is nowhere near those levels, with overall sales of 42 million units since it hit the market. So it is quite easy to say that Sony is carrying a massive advantage into the next console generation. The PlayStation 5 is expected to…

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