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Odell Beckham Jr. Butt Slap Arrest Warrant Exposes a Broken Justice System

New Orleans police issued an arrest warrant for Odell Beckham Jr. His crime? The infamous “butt slap” after LSU’s national championship victory this week. This is all the proof you need to see that the U.S. Justice System is broken. According to, New Orleans police have issued an arrest warrant for Odell Beckham Jr. for slapping a police officer on the behind. Footage shows OBJ slapping the officer in the LSU locker room after their national championship victory Monday night. It’s clearly a violation of the officer’s rights, and…

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Cringy Bloomberg Tweets Expose Ex-NYC Mayor as Trump Wannabe

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign posted over 40 “zany” tweets on Twitter during last night’s Democratic debate. Bloomberg’s team is likely imitating attention-seeking Trump’s media strategy. The strategy is likely an attempt to compensate for Bloomberg’s failings as a candidate. Michael Bloomberg is rapidly morphing from respected New York City mayor to Donald Trump wannabe. He was already a billionaire self-funding a White House run after swapping political parties. But the similarities are growing by the day, as revealed by the Bloomberg campaign’s strange behavior during last night’s Democratic debate. Bloomberg Campaign…

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Elizabeth Warren Made A Fatal Error Attacking Bernie Sanders’ Credibility

Bernie Sanders is facing allegations of sexism from sources close to progressive rival Elizabeth Warren. The Senator from Massachusetts has quickly learned the danger of attacking Sanders’ credibility as #ITrustBernie trended strongly all day on Twitter. Donald Trump has weighed in to stir the pot, hoping to deter a possible Sanders-Warren presidential ticket. In a story originating from four anonymous sources close to Elizabeth Warren, a frustrated Bernie Sanders allegedly stated he didn’t believe a woman could win a U.S. presidential election in 2018. The gloves are now off between…

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AOC’s Justice Democrats Are Out for Scalps in 2020 Primary Challenges

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is far from done unseating incumbent members of her own party after her jaw dropping 2018 victory. Instead, AOC is ramping up the intra-party ‘civil war’ between progressives and establishment Democrats. This is the result of the power vacuum left by Obama and Hillary after 2016. It’s just like the Tea Party after Bush left office in 2009. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t done pulling the seats out from under establishment Democrats. In the U.S. House, freshman representatives used to lay low and make allies. That was the surest…

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Bernie Sanders Takes Strong Lead in Iowa Caucus

Sen. Bernie Sanders just surged to lead the pack of Democratic candidates in 2020’s Iowa Caucus. Joe Biden is trailing in fourth place. The Iowa Caucus is only three weeks away on Feb. 3. Sources say Democrats are taking Sanders very seriously. Donald Trump is too. Bernie Sanders is favored over former VP Joe Biden by a wider margin than Barack Obama led Hillary Clinton in 2008. With less than a month before the first in nation Democratic primary, the Iowa Caucus, Sen. Bernie Sanders just took a commanding lead…

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3 Things Trump Is Scheming to Achieve by Hypocritically Attacking Iran

Tensions between the US and Iran have spiraled toward all-time highs. President Trump has plenty of personal agendas to satisfy by attacking Iran. Here are three things Trump seems to be accomplishing with his recent moves. President Trump unleashed a lethal airstrike in Baghdad on Friday that led to a massive escalation in tensions between the United States and Iran. Among those killed was Qassem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s overseas forces. He was “extraordinarily” close to the supreme leader of Iran. As tensions spike, the question…

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Trump Impeachment is a $46 Million Dollar Mistake That Could Cost Democrats the White House

The impeachment proceedings have helped Trump record his best fundraising quarter yet. The ordeal will take away from Democrat candidates’ campaigns. The Senate trial could drag Joe Biden through the mud. While the new year signifies a clean slate for most, President Donald Trump still has an impeachment trial hanging over his head. Democrats argued that the evidence against Trump is overwhelming, that his abuse of power is a glaring fact not even his biggest supporters can ignore. But ignore it they have—and then some. Now that Trump has been…

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Bernie Sanders Crushes Biden in 2020 Fundraising with $108M Total

Sen. Bernie Sanders has raked in more 2020 campaign cash than any other Democratic presidential candidate. Though Joe Biden leads in the polls, his fundraising warchest is unlikely to crack the top three. Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s does.* Donald Trump heads to November with an enviable $102 million warchest remaining of a $211 million raised in total toward this election cycle. It wasn’t just a good fourth quarter for Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator and progressive White House contender for the 2020 Democratic nomination announced a $34.5 million fundraising haul last…

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President Donald Trump’s 5 Most Savage Tweets of 2019

He may have been impeached, but President Donald Trump hasn’t slowed down one bit in 2019 when it comes to dropping sick birds on Twitter. The Commander-in-Tweet was on fire in 2019. Here are five tweets that stand out on @realDonaldTrump’s timeline. It should be no surprise that America is being ruled by the most social media savvy politician to ever come along since Facebook and Twitter came to dominate our way of life. Donald Trump stood out early from the other candidates in 2016 for fundamentally grasping the nature…

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Facebook, Google Rake in Election Ad Spending While Twitter, Spotify Say No

Presidential candidates have already spent more than $105 million on digital ads. Facebook and Google are getting most of the dough. Spotify just joined Twitter in rejecting these election ads outright. With billionaires like Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg splashing their cash around, the airwaves have been filled with 2020 presidential election ads. The political ads have invaded cyberspace too; by mid-November, the presidential candidates had already purchased more than $100 million in online ads. But going forward, you’ll be able to find respite from the noise on Spotify (NYSE:SPOT)….

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