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How Sony Could ‘Future-Proof’ the PS5 with One Epic Feature

The PlayStation 5’s 2020 launch is rapidly approaching. The PS5 allegedly boasts six key features that will “future-proof” the console. But there’s only one feature that truly matters. For all the PlayStation 5 (PS5) hype, we don’t really know that much about Sony’s next-gen console. Case in point: At CES 2020, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said that the PS5 would have six key features that make it “future-proof.” Yet we don’t have any clue about what those features are. We can bank on things like backward compatibility, along…

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Can Godfall Really Help PS5 to Be a Success at Launch?

Godfall is the first confirmed game for PS5. The game is a fantasy looter slasher from Counterplay Games. It will also be available on PC. At The Game Awards 2019, Counterplay Games revealed Godfall, the first confirmed PS5 game. The developer calls it a “looter slasher” – gameplay will offer melee combat and loot that players can use to change their character build. The response to the game’s announcement is as positive as Sony could have hoped for. The trailer has been viewed 509,984 times and has 17K likes compared…

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Remembering the 5 Best PS2 Games

PlayStation is celebrating 25 years this week. To go along with that, we’re listing the five best PS2 games. It’s hard to narrow the list down this far with so many great titles. PlayStation is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week, and it only makes sense to mention the best console Sony has ever made: the PlayStation 2. We aren’t just remembering the PlayStation 2 but also the games that really helped it shine during its whopping 13-year lifespan. Some of the Best Games Came Out on the PlayStation 2…

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New Snap of PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Appears Online

New image of PlayStation 5 dev kit appears online. Offers first look at PS5 controller. Unlikely to be the final retail design. We’ve known what the PlayStation 5 dev kit looks like for a few months now. Late summer spawned patent documents registered by Sony before an in-the-flesh image found its way onto the internet in mid-October. The image wasn’t what you’d call well-framed and didn’t give us a good look at the overall design of the unit. PlayStation 5 Dev Kit & First Look at Controller Today, a Twitter…

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Crash Bandicoot Fans Are Really Reaching with This Delusional PS4 ‘Leak’

Sony posted a video entitled “It’s Time to Play” earlier this month. Fans of Crash Bandicoot have used the video as a basis for rumors of a new entry into the series. Those delusional fans are really just reaching for any information surrounding a new Crash game. Waiting for a new entry in your favorite series is tough. That’s why it’s easy to get taken in by baseless rumors and end up believing in projects that never existed in the first place. That is precisely what is going on in…

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Death Stranding Sales Could Soar if Fans Don’t Read Terrible Reviews

Death Stranding could be the next sales success for Sony. Analysts expect the game to sell 5 million copies. However, the game has received mixed reviews. Speaking to GameDaily, two analysts have suggested that Death Stranding could sell millions of copies. The game, which was launched on PS4 and will be released on PC next summer, could sell 2 million-3 million copies by the end of 2019, said Kantan Games’ Dr. Serkan Toto. David Cole of DFC Intelligence says that the game could sell 5 million units but did not…

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Why Google Stadia & Microsoft xCloud Will Be Dead on Arrival

Video game streaming is all the rage, but there are two simple reasons services like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud will fail. | Source: Casey Rodgers / Invision for Xbox / AP By CCN Markets: In the last 12 months, major technology companies have rushed to dive into video game streaming. Microsoft’s Project xCloud is in testing, Google Stadia launches in November, and Samsung just unveiled the PlayGalaxy Link. Sony has PlayStation Now, and Amazon is rumored to be entering the fray too. Two Reasons Game Streaming Services Will Fail…

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