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U.S. Treasury Yields Continue to Surge as Mnuchin Considers “Dangerous Temptation” –

Steven Mnuchin’s Treasury Department is getting tempted to issue ultra-long bonds. | Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images / AFP U.S. government debt yields rose on Thursday after core inflation exceeded analysts’ estimates, signaling that the economy is performing better than previously feared. The inflation report seemed to strike a delicate balance on Wall Street: Firming expectations about the domestic economy without compromising the Federal Reserve’s plans to lower interest rates next week. Treasury Yields Rise Government bond yields rose across the board Thursday, extending their September rally. The benchmark…

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Treasury Secretary Seals Bitcoin’s Impending Death by a Thousand Cuts

Following Donald Trump’s sudden and mysterious tweets regarding bitcoin last week, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held an unexpected press conference on Monday. He used coded language telegraphing the end of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The Feds Want to Stop Crimes and Stabilize Markets Steven Mnuchin was not lying when he said that the federal government wants to crack down and stop any criminal activity that uses cryptocurrencies for payment. That’s a high priority for the federal government, especially as it relates to terrorism, the drug trade, and money laundering. The United…

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Dow Roars After Trump Flinches on $300 Billion China Tariff Threat

 The US stock market roared back to life on Wednesday, and the Dow shot around 100 points higher as Wall Street prepared to close the book on its best June in more than three-quarters of a century. The catalyst for today’s rally? US President Donald Trump allegedly flinched on his $300 billion tariff threat ahead of his G20 parley with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Dow Soars as Stock Market Claws Back Tuesday’s Losses All of Wall Street’s major indices rallied during the Wednesday morning session. By 9:44 am ET, the…

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