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Apple Card Is the Biggest iPhone Marketing Ploy Ever. Here’s Why

Apple Card is irrelevant. It strives to become a marketing tool for an underperforming iPhone market rather than an actual credit card. | Source: AP Photo/Tony Avelar, File By CCN Markets: The first thing to understand about Apple Card is that it is not exactly a card. Undoubtedly, the technology behemoth’s entry into the finance sector brings an aggressively white, titanium-made credit card – which has let go of the 16-digit numbers found on traditional credit/debit cards – to the forefront. hands on with the #AppleCard — ChampagneFelipe 🥂 (@champagnefelipe) August 12,…

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Layoffs Perversely Bump U.S. Steel Stock 10% in Pre-Market Boost

Pink slips are turning US steel stocks green. | Source: Shutterstock By CCN Markets: News of impending layoffs at some U.S. Steel Corporation plants has been greeted warmly by the market. In pre-market hours, the price of the stock has gone up by over 10 percent to reach a unit price of $12.43. At the market close on Monday, U.S. Steel was valued at $11.28. Just last week the stock hit a three-year low of around $10.80. U.S. Steel stock price | Source: TradingView The pre-market rally comes amidst the…

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This S&P 500 Stock Rocketed 13% Higher Because of Strong Consumer

S&P 500 stock Estee Lauder is pricey, but there may be another way for investors to play retail and capitalize on strong consumers. | Source: Shutterstock By CCN Markets: The S&P 500 is comprised of nearly a dozen sectors, all of which traded in the green today. Leading the charge is skincare stock Estee Lauder, which is a reflection of the strong consumer that continues to keep this economy afloat. The stock is currently hovering at a new 52-week high after Estee Lauder reported stronger-than-expected earnings and provided a sunny…

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‘Like a Money Printer on Your Roof’

Source: Mark RALSTON / AFP (i), Shutterstock (ii). Image Edited by CCN. By CCN Markets: Elon Musk relaunched Tesla’s residential solar-power service and claimed that it could save you about $500 a year. Indeed, Musk gushed that it’s “like having a money printer on your roof.” Musk acquired SolarCity in 2016, but the business has struggled to gain traction. With the relaunch, Tesla Solar has aggressively slashed prices to undercut its competition. This is all part of Musk’s grand vision to make Tesla the Holy Grail of the solar industry….

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Facebook Contractor Spies on Horrified Moderators. When Does It End?

A Facebook partner is spying on its own traumtized content moderators, giving us even more reasons to distrust Mark Zuckerberg’s company. | Source: AFP PHOTO / Brendan Smialowski Facebook released a video last year apologizing for its data misuse that likely swayed the 2016 election. It ends by saying “if this place does what it was built for, we all get a little closer.” That is the problem, Facebook. It’s time to back off. The Intercept just released an exposé detailing how managers at the Austin, Texas outpost have been…

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GE Stock Rebounds, Short-Seller Citron Slams ‘Arrogant’ Whistleblower

Formidable short-seller Citron Research slams whistleblower Harry Markopolos following his GE ‘fraud’ report. GE stock rebounds – for now. | Source: PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP By CCN Markets: Formidable short-seller Citron Research this morning slammed legendary Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos following his 170-page General Electric “fraud” report. GE stock tanked almost 12% Thursday on the news but recovered 9% to $8.74 on Friday. Citron, who claimed 2018’s top activist short-seller crown, was not impressed with the damning communiqué, proclaiming it “a sad day for the activist short-selling community.” Markopolos report…

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WeWork’s IPO Will Go to Zero After the First Recession

WeWork’s IPO will fail because its business model requires a booming economy. The next recession will destroy the company.  | Source: Shutterstock By CCN Markets: There’s a song that says, “one is the loneliest number.” In fact, zero is the loneliest number, especially when it is preceded by a dollar sign. And $0 is where WeWork stock is going to go after the next recession hits, but don’t count on anyone else to tell you that. So avoid the WeWork IPO. The We Company’s Business Model Is Destined to Fail WeWork,…

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Uber Investor Mistakenly Claims Stock Is Toast Without Kalanick-Like CEO

Uber investor Bradley Tusk says the stock needs a ruthless CEO to escape the doldrums but one investment manager disagrees. | Source: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly Bradley Tusk, an early investor in Uber Technologies and its first political strategist, believes current management lacks the innovative and intense vision of founder Travis Kalanick and that Uber stock will remain in the dumps as long as that remains the case. No Confidence in Management Bradley Tusk says the reason that Uber stock is in the doldrums is that there is not any confidence in…

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Court Slams Facebook, Allows Privacy Class Action Worth Billions

Facebook’s privacy woes isn’t doing the company any favors. | Source: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg just had their ears boxed by the 9th US circuit Court of Appeals regarding privacy concerns related to Facebook’s facial recognition technology. The decision by the court opens the possibility of a massive Facebook class action lawsuit that might cost it billions of dollars. Facebook Collecting Data?  Say It Isn’t So! Back in 2015, number of Facebook users in Illinois filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming it violated the…

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‘Bacon Intern’ Wanted at CA Burger Chain & It Pays $125 an Hour

The California burger chain, Farmer Boys, will pay $1,000 to a “bacon intern” to test out its new bacon-centric menu offerings. | Source: Farmer Boys/Facebook Bacon lovers, listen up! The California burger chain Farmer Boys wants to hire a “Bacon Intern” to taste-test its pork-tacular new menu offerings. And the best part is, you’ll be paid $1,000 to go hog-wild enjoying as much bacon as you want for one day. That’s $125 per hour for a standard eight-hour workday. Farmer Boys, which is based in Riverdale, California, has 92 locations…

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