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Why Buying Greenland Would Be Trump’s Best Real Estate Deal Ever

If President Trump can wheel and deal his way into buying Greenland, it would undeniably be his best real estate purchase – ever. | Source: AP Photo / Evan Vucci (i), Shutterstock (ii). Image Edited by CCN. By CCN Markets: Though he is no longer active in the day-to-day activities of the Trump Organization, the U.S. president’s reported desire to acquire Greenland could be the most brilliant real estate deal he will ever make – if it comes to fruition. This is precisely for one reason – the vast mineral…

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Dow Futures Pump 100 points, but Ex-White House Insider Warns of Recession

Dow futures jump 100 points despite warning from former White House advisor and Treasury Secretary. Source: Shutterstock The US stock market looks set to open in positive territory on Wednesday as Dow futures pump 100 points higher in early trading. Despite the bounce, experts are increasingly nervous about flared tensions between Trump and China. Lawrence Summer, former US Treasury Secretary and White House advisor, said the threat of recession has magnified since May’s trade deal breakdown. “[Chance of recession is] “much higher than it needs to be and much higher…

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Trump May Not Be President in Time for US-China Trade Deal

With the U.S. and China taking a hard-line stance, Goldman Sachs noted that it’s not expecting a trade deal before the 2020 election. | Source: AFP PHOTO / Brendan SMIALOWSKI Goldman Sachs is no longer confident that a U.S.-China trade deal will be on the table before the 2020 election. Trade tensions between two of the largest global economies took a devastating turn over the last few days. This came after negotiations between the two countries broke down. This is not good news for President Trump. The Trump administration moved…

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Wall Street Disagrees on Size of Rate Cut Ahead of Fed Meeting

Most of Wall Street is expecting the Fed to cut interest rates in coming days, but the question is by how much? For the most part, economists fall in one of two camps – a 25 basis-point cut or a 50 basis-point cut. But according to one White House official, half-a-point is just not going far enough. White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow appears to prefer to see the Fed cut interest rates by 75 basis points when they meet for a two-day meeting next week, telling Fox Business: “I…

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Iran Punks Trump With Historic Gold-Backed Crypto Scheme

Days after President Trump slammed bitcoin and the very idea of crypto, geopolitical foe Iran revealed that it is ready to unveil its own gold-backed cryptocurrency. Gold held in reserve by the Middle East country’s central bank will back the value of tokens on the blockchain of Iran’s new central bank “cryptocurrency” – which might be a generous term. The crypto will be mined by a small consortium of private Iranian tech companies. The move could further complicate tensions between the oil-rich country and the United States. News of the…

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Study Exposes How Russia, Iran, & China Are Weaponizing Crypto

It’s no secret that foes of the United States – including Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and China – are experimenting with cryptocurrency technology as they seek to render their economies immune to crippling US sanctions. However, a new study from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) exposes the lengths to which these rogue nations are willing to go to make this a reality. “For decades, U.S. adversaries have been trying to evade and undermine this power, but there has been no way to conduct significant international commerce without moving through…

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Trump’s Fed Pick Isn’t Just a Gold Bug

White House economic adviser Judy Shelton made headlines last week after President Donald Trump nominated her to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The mainstream press and finance industry were surprised to learn Trump’s Fed pick is a “gold bug.” She advocates returning the U.S. Dollar to the “gold standard.” President Trump’s Fed Nominee Dr. Judy Shelton discusses her support of a return to the gold standard and her critical take on central bank activity “Money is meant to serve as a reliable measure.”@CNBC — Squawk on the Street…

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Bullish S&P 500 Index Signals Likely Trump 2020 Victory

Up almost 50 percent since his election and recently hitting fresh all-time highs, the S&P 500 index could be signaling expectations Trump may be reelected. Stock Market Suggests Investor Confidence The economy under Trump has shown few signs of slowing down. The economy gained 224,000 jobs in June, according to a monthly employment report released Friday. That brings monthly job growth for April, May, and June to an average 171,000 jobs. Wages are also on an uptick, 3.1 percent up for hourly paid workers over the past year. But it…

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Donald Trump Says Big Tech Is Not Treating Him Right But He’ll Still Win

President Trump and Big Tech have had a contentious relationship, and it isn’t getting any better in time for the 2020 election. In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Trump called out tech leaders including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, saying that these companies are “fighting me hard right now.” He is quick to point out, however, that despite their best efforts, Big Tech was not able to stop him in the last election and they won’t be able to stop him this time, either. In April, Donald…

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Dow Rampages to Triple-Digit Gains with Trump’s ‘New World Order’

Dow Jones futures rocketed 250 points higher on Monday after Donald Trump’s whirlwind weekend of diplomacy. In a matter of days, he eased trade tensions with China, struck a friendly tone with Russia, and became the first sitting US president to step into North Korea. The string of diplomatic meetings led one commentator to christen Trump’s “new world order.” Whether it’s political theater ahead of Trump’s re-election campaign or meaningful progress, traders reacted positively, sending the Dow into a triple-digit surge and the stock market into a broad recovery. Dow…

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