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China & India are Surpassing US’ Economy By 2030

The United States will fall to a third place in the ranking of the largest economies in the world. China and India will overtake the U.S. by 2030, and it is unlikely that we will ever get the throne back. UK based financial services giant Standard Chartered Plc. predicted in its annual ranking of the largest economies in the world. In the next decade, China will solidify its place as the largest economy in the world. They expect India will surpass the United States within the same period, as the…

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Uncertainty Real, Federal Reserve Should be Patient: Atlanta Fed President

The Atlanta Federal Reserve bank president says there is uncertainty despite strong economic data, causing a dilemma for the U.S Federal Reserve. It should be “patient,” says Raphael Bostic. Bostic is not on the Federal Reserve’s panel for interest rate setting this year but is speaking out to confirm that investors and businesses are taking a close look at their strategies. He’s been talking with executives who are: “Starting to examine their own business strategies and initiatives in anticipation of slowing economic conditions either through deleveraging or holding off on…

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Stock Market Downturn Just a ‘Glitch’

Despite experts naming numerous reasons for the stock market downturn, U.S president Donald Trump has decided it is simply a “glitch.” Trump also predicts that equity markets will recover as the U.S negotiates trade deals, including with China. Yet trade woes and reciprocal tariffs with China show no real sign of dissipating. This is despite the 90-day tariff truce which began between the U.S and China on December 1, 2018. Reuters Whitehouse correspondent Jeff Mason tweeted: .⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ says there was a “glitch” in stock markets last month, but they will…

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1000-Point Swings ‘New Reality’ for Dow Jones Index: Allianz Economist El-Erian

Mohamed El-Erian — the chief economic adviser at Allianz SE — says concerns over a US recession are overblown, but we can expect wild fluctuations on the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2019 because of financial uncertainty in Europe and China. However, El-Erian said the US economy will remain strong and will continue to grow at a robust rate of 2.5% to 3%, while wages will continue to rise 3% or more. “Don’t be surprised if you see these 1,000-point swings in the Dow Jones,” El-Erian told Fox News Sunday on Dec. 30 (video…

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Every Major Asset Class Had a Major Fallback in 2018

The cryptocurrency market is not the only financial asset that has suffered losses and recorded a consistent decline as the year winds to an end. In fact, every major asset class for investment has recorded negative returns or an unchanged performance year. This is the conclusion of a CNBC report summarizing the performance of markets in 2018. According to the report, the activity dominating the close of the trading year is a series of shorts on stocks, corporate bonds, commodities, government debt, and practically every other asset class available in markets around…

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Pot Stocks Boom as Crypto Goes Bust

The cryptocurrency markets are nine months into a bear market, but the animal spirits that drove the bitcoin price to nearly $20,000 haven’t disappeared. Rather, it seems that they have found a new outlet — pot stocks. Pot Goes Boom as Crypto Goes Bust Long a favorite of retail traders on commission-free stock trading app Robinhood, publicly-listed cannabis stocks have gone bananas in recent weeks, driven in part by the impending legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada on Oct. 17. Publicly-listed pot stocks have been soaring across the board, but…

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US Market Crash Expected as Household Income Explodes, Will Millennials Flock to Bitcoin?

For the first time in history, US household wealth has surged above the $100 trillion mark, fueled by the rise in the value of stocks and properties. However, analysts say the unsustainable growth in household wealth could cause a crash, which may lead millennials to flock to Bitcoin. In September, US household wealth reached $100 trillion, and ostensibly it seems like a positive development for US markets. But, in comparison to the stagnation in actual US household income, it is quite evident that the rapid growth rate of US household…

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Bitcoin Venezuela on Why the Petro Isn’t Even ‘Backed by Trust’

Randy Brito is the head of Bitcoin Venezuela, a non-profit organization dedicated to educate and promote Bitcoin in Venezuela. He is also spearheading the Locha project, which he describes as “an effort to push the needed developments and research for achieving the hyperbitcoinization in Venezuela.”  Brito also sees a use case for bitcoin in countries like Turkey and Iran,which have suffered hyperinflation and sanctions aimed at damaging the economy. Brito’s family left Venezuela and moved to Spain in 2004 to escape what he describes as the persecution of the middle…

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Venezuela Looking to Launch a Central Bank for Cryptocurrencies

Venezuela is reportedly looking to lunch a central bank for cryptocurrencies, as the country’s National Constituent Assembly is preparing to reform the Venezuelan Constitution to include it, along with a court above its Supreme Court. According to Reuters, information on the development was provided by Hermann Escarrá, which the outlet describes as “one of the most influential members of the assembly that prepares the changes to the 1999 Constitution.” A draft of the changes to the country’s Constitution is set to be presented in 35 days to the board of…

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