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Gaming Publisher Bethesda Backpedals after Botched Doom Relaunch

The Doom games have received many re-releases over the years to more or less success, including a full reboot in the Spring of 2016. Most recently, 1993’s Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 were rereleased by current series publisher Bethesda, which received a good deal of backlash in the process. On July 26, Bethesda rereleased the aforementioned Doom titles on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. The games were released in tandem with QuakeCon, a game conference celebrating Doom developer id Software and its Quake series. Bethesda…

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Xbox Live Suffers Outage, Leaving Gamers Scrambling

Xbox Live has suffered an outage, preventing users from buying and downloading games. The company took to Twitter and its status page to notify players about the problem and noted that it also impacts Windows 10 users. The only problem is Twitter suffered repeated outages of its own today. Though most of the services remained online, there were a few notable limitations; most of these affected new purchases and downloads. Anyone a #PS4 gamer and i just wonder how well is #PSN Cause right now #XBOXLIVE SUCKS RN CMON @Microsoft…

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