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YouTube Has a Massive False Copyright Claim Problem

YouTube’s copyright claim system is famously terrible for creators. A company called Studio 71 has allegedly been false claiming videos en masse, despite not owning any of the content they’ve been claiming. This is all on YouTube, which needs to start punishing these companies and restricting how easy these claims are to make. It seems like every week we’re discovering some new problem with YouTube. It’s not hard to understand why. While the platform was built around user-created content, it’s now swamped with corporate interests. Plus, it relies heavily on…

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PewDiePie Surges Back to YouTube Throne amid New Zealand Controversy

PewDiePie once again reigns supreme on YouTube. Indian music corporation T-Series briefly managed to open up a nearly 11,000 subscriber lead, before an epic rally pushed Felix Kjellberg back into pole position, even as he continues to face controversy over his appearance in the New Zealand terrorist’s manifesto. PewDiePie Recovers after T-Series Briefly Leads YouTube Subscriber Count In what has been an epic challenge for Felix Kjellberg, the Swedish YouTuber has been pulling out all the stops to stay ahead of his Indian rival for the top spot on YouTube mountain….

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